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Learning Series Live Q&A Happens Tomorrow!

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Our first live Q&A happens tomorrow, January 13th, at 10 am MT (9 am PT, 12 pm ET).

Keep this email and join the call from the Zoom link below.

A few notes for the Live Q&A:

  • This call will not include audio or video on the part of the participants; only the hosts will have video and audio enabled. You will be able to type your questions into the Zoom chat box and Roni will answer them via video and screen share. 
  • The Q&A will be recorded and included in Monday’s Learning Series email, in case you cannot make it!
  • We will try to keep the call as brief as possible, while also answering as many questions as we can! Previously, our sessions have lasted 30-45 minutes.
  • This call is limited to the first 100 people who join via the Zoom link. If you are unable to join this call, due to volume, please reply to this email with your question and we will answer it through email.
  • We will be giving away some Plan to Eat swag at the end of the call! 
  • We love getting to help you, so please come with your questions about Plan to Eat! If you have a feature request, we would prefer to handle that through our support email. 

Keep this email and join the Q&A tomorrow, Jan 13th, at 10 am MT:

Meeting ID: 861 9226 2086
Passcode: 779379