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Eat This Much App Review: Pros and Cons

Eat This Much Overview.

Eat This Much is a meal planning app that creates macro-friendly meal plans based on your preferences and budget. The program creates an adjustable weekly meal plan for you and then generates a grocery list for you to shop from. Eat This Much will help you figure out macronutrient targets based on your goals and then suggest recipes for your meal plan that help you meet your daily macros. 

What I like about it.

  • The app has a tour that walks you through the features in each section of the app. I found this helpful because the app felt overwhelming at first. 
  • You can set a daily price limit for your meal plans.
  • You can manually add your own recipes to use. 
  • You can customize meal plans and select between different meal options to find what you like best. 
  • There’s an integrated grocery delivery feature. 
  • There’s the ability to mark recipes as “eaten” in the Day view of your meal plan. 
  • Your diet type, excluded foods, and nutrition targets are customizable to your goals. 
  • You can customize your meal plan to include more or fewer meal times like extra snacks or dessert. 
  • You can customize the types of meals the program adds to your plans, such as the amount of time the meal takes, the size of meals, and simple or complex preparation. 
  • You can set foods to be recurring on your meal plan, like always planning the same breakfast or snacks and not randomly generated options. 
Front view of woman reading shopping list on smartphone. Serious woman with dreadlocks looking at smartphone. Shopping concept

What I’m not a fan of.

  • The shopping list is HUGE for a one-week meal plan. 
  • There’s too much recipe variety which means I have to purchase a lot of different things to make the meal plan work. 
  • The shopping list is not customizable by category or store. 
  • I’m not sure how the Groceries and Pantry sections connect with each other. I can add items to my grocery list that are in the pantry and it doesn’t notify me I might already have that item on hand. This feels like I’ll end up buying too much or not realizing I’m out of something that I’ve labeled as being in my pantry. 
  • The automated meal plan doesn’t save much time. The program does a bunch of work up front, but I have to go in and edit the meal plan to make it fit my schedule, budget, and preferences. It feels like it’s trying to simplify, but there’s still a lot of work to get the meal plan I want. 
  • I received three emails immediately after signing up for the app, which was an information overload. 

Who might benefit from this app?

Eat This Much would be great for someone who needs help sticking to their macros and isn’t sure what recipes to eat. The program takes the guesswork out of finding recipes that fit within a macronutrient range. Eat This Much seems like it would be best for single-person use. Accommodating an entire family would be hard since the macos are calculated for an individual person’s needs. 

How it differs from Plan to Eat.

These apps target different groups of people, Eat This Much is designed to guide a person’s nutrition choices, while Plan to Eat is designed for more general meal planning. 

Eat This Much was created specifically to help people reach diet and nutrition goals through meal planning. Their app says “It’s like having a personal diet assistant”, which is great if your goals are related to physique changes like losing or gaining weight. Rather than having to find recipes that fit your macros, the program gives you recipes within your target ranges.

Plan to Eat, on the other hand, is an app made for DIY meal planning and not specifically focused on dietary goals. Plan to Eat gives customers granular control over what meals and ingredients they eat and how they’re prepared. 

Both programs have a meal plan feature and an automatically generated shopping list. The main difference is that Plan to Eat does not provide recipes or meal plans and has a recipe book that’s curated by the customer.

Plan to Eat is meant for someone who enjoys meal planning, has their own “family favorite” recipes, and wants control over what they’re cooking and eating. 

Both programs offer a free 14-day trial. 

If you’d like to try Eat This Much, sign up here

Sign up for Plan to Eat here.

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