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July 2022 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Articles from the Blog

Enjoy some of our most recent blog posts from July 2022 on the Plan to Eat blog, including tips & tricks, new recipes, and so much more!

5 Reasons You’re Not Meal Planning (with solutions) – Part 1

No matter where you’re at in your meal planning journey, life events, busy schedules, and even mindset can get in the way of planning ahead. 

4 Reasons You’re Not Meal Planning (with solutions) – Part 2

The number one reason to meal plan? It’s worth it. Whatever effort you put into creating your meal plan is a gift to your future self. 

3 Organic Garden Tips for Saving Time & Energy

Back again this month, Cody’s blog provides guidance to help your gardening across a wide variety of climates, plants, and garden sizes.  

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is now bringing you new episodes every Wednesday! 
Download episodes and subscribe to our podcast on all your favorite apps including, Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify.

Episode #22: Interview with Nicole Prom on Hashimoto’s and AIP

Join us for an in-depth conversation with Nicole Prom about Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder, and the Autoimmune Protocol diet. 

Episode #23: Food as Medicine with Monica Corrado, The GAPS Chef

In this episode, we chat with Monica Corrado about how and why she started her real food journey, what the GAPS diet involves, and why someone might try this style of eating. 

Episode #24: Tips for Saving Time & Meal Prep

Listen to this episode for tips on saving time in the kitchen and meal prepping. Some of these tips are for super quick and efficient meals with little prep and others will simply help you make meal prepping easier. 

Episode #25: Modern Comfort Food with LaKita Anderson

We talked with food blogger, LaKita Anderson, about how she learned to cook and bake, how she makes comfort food modern, and the baking competition her family has every year. 

What’s Coming Up

August 2022: Revive Your Meal Planning Routine

We’re helping you get back on the meal planning wagon with meal planning tips and weekly giveaways through Instagram!

Giveaways include:

Don’t miss our emails with tips and giveaway info starting Monday, August 1st.

Mobile App Updates

We’ve been squashing bugs and working on new features for the Plan to Eat app! This month we released app version 2.9.9.

  • We fixed a bug in the recipe keyword search. Recipes with the exact search keywords in their titles will now appear first in the search results.
  • We fixed a bug causing Apple App Store payments to appear incomplete.
  • We fixed a bug preventing images from importing in the Android share extension.
  • We added share extension support for apps other than Safari. Plan to Eat should now appear as a sharing option anywhere you can share a URL, including all major browser apps, HelloFresh, and Yummly.

Desktop Updates

This month we made some behind-the-scenes updates on the website and fixed a scrolling bug in the Recipe Clipper.

The Development Team is hard at work on an new feature for the Plan to Eat website. Stay tuned for an exciting feature release in the upcoming months!

We will continue to notify you of any updates and new features on our blog and via email. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

Highlighted Reviews

“Not to be overdramatic, but this app may have saved my marriage:) My husband is a spoiled eater, and I was at my wits end trying to vary meals and not repeat too often. He also doesn’t want one dish/pot meals too often. I looked for a long time to find an app that I could just drag and drop easily and keep track of meal history. (I know, meal history. Right) The added benefit of transferring into a shopping list is wonderful. Life got so much less stressful with this little gem!”

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“Makes meal planning and everything related to it SO SO EASY! So many ways to add recipes, shopping list is autopolulated from the plan. It used to take HOURS to meal plan and prep and shopping list. Now it takes 5 min. Esp helpful with a child who has lots of food allergies. The podcast is awesome too!! Try this out – life is actually so much better (EASIER) with this app. We all need a bit more ease in 2022!”

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