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May 2021 Recap & Updates

Recent Articles from the Blog

If you are looking for motivation, tips & tricks, new recipes, and so much more — the Plan to Eat Blog is an awesome resource for you. Enjoy our most recent blog posts from last month!

Cooking Terms: Defined!

We put together a list of potentially new and unfamiliar cooking terms, so that fancy recipe lingo never confuses you again!

Cooking Tools Every Cook Should Own

There are thousands of utensils and gadgets you could fill your kitchen with and we know it can be overwhelming! Check out our comprehensive list of what you actually need in your kitchen.

Giant Funfetti Cookie Recipe

Anna has a fun and easy recipe for us this month! Whether you have a reason to celebrate, or not, these cookies are sure to add some color and sweet fun to your day!

Top 10 Cooking Flubs and How to Fix Them

We’ve all had a dinner disaster once or twice! Before you toss out your cooking blunder, check out this post! Kim collected a few prized errors she has done more than once and how to fix them before anyone is the wiser.

Pancakes for Everyone! Grain-free, Gluten-free, Nut-free, and GAPs

Do you love pancakes, but struggle to make them allergen free? Monica is here to help! Check out this post for different ways to make pancakes, to fit anyone’s needs.

Recent Youtube Videos

We’re increasing our video content in 2021! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and give our videos a thumbs up, so we know what you like watching!

What Our Moms Taught Us About Cooking

We honored our Moms last month by remembering what they taught us about cooking! Not only is this conversation fun, but you might learn a few tips and tricks too!

How We Decide What Recipes to Import

Sit down with Riley and Roni for a quick chat about how they decide what recipes to import to their Plan to Eat accounts!

Mobile App Updates

We’ve been busy so far this year adding new features and squashing bugs for our iOS and Android app. This month, we launched versions 2.7.2 and 2.8.0 which included:

  • We added the option to plan a Menu from the Planner’s action sheet.
  • We added the option to reschedule a Menu event from the event’s action sheet.
  • We heard your feedback and centered the shopping list store headings again to make it easier to see where one store ends and another begins.
  • We fixed an issue causing the app to crash on iOS 11.2.6.
  • Friend Menus should now load more smoothly.
  • We now request you provide an email address to log in.
  • We added a Forgot Email link that temporarily allows you to continue to sign in with your username and password so you can change your credentials.
  • We added support for updating your email, password, and username in the app.

Desktop Updates

We’ve been making consistent updates, squashing bugs, and adding features to the website too! Here’s a list of what’s happened in the past month:

  • We updated the API endpoint for menus to avoid n+1 queries.
  • We improved the performance of the app’s automatic logout feature, which checks if the user has a valid session once per minute.
  • We updated the API endpoint for authentication to support the old login path, the new email-only login path, and the Forgot Email path.
  • We fixed a bug causing ajax 404’s to log users out of the app.

We’re excited to give you another month of fresh updates, bug fixes, and exciting new features! We will continue to notify you of any new updates and features on our blog and via email.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team at [email protected].

Other News & Upcoming Events

cropped image of a person's hands holding a phone with Plan to Eat on the screen
We are hosting a guided introduction of Plan to Eat in July and August!

The Learning Series is 8 weeks of free custom lessons, designed to teach you the ins and outs of Plan to Eat and make meal planning simple. There will be instructional videos, live Q&As, and giveaways!

More info on the Learning Series coming soon!

We were featured as Best Recipe Collection App by!

We’re honored to be included in a list of best meal planning apps by!

Highlighted Reviews

For years, we had spreadsheets and to-do lists and everything else – taking up so much time to figure out what to eat and shop for. Plan to Eat is for the planner who wants to reduce trips to the grocery store, minimize food waste, easily coordinate grocery lists, and have a sense of control of your diet and meals.

Leave a Google Play Review 

I’ve tried a bunch of different ones, and this is my fave. Intuitive to use, and I love the toolbar “grabber” so I can quickly add in recipes found on the ‘net.

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