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January is coming to an end, but there’s still time to make resolutions. It’s possible you’ve
already come up with a solid list of things you “resolve” to do in 2020, but we challenge you to
add one or ALL of our resolutions below. Why? Because we think that health should be your
number one priority in this new decade!!!

Resolution 1: Start Cooking!

Make a point to get in the kitchen and cook a few times a week. Why? Cooking helps connect you with the food you’re eating. It also means you get to prepare the food the way YOU like it. And it means you get to use all of the awesome kitchen tools you got over the holidays! Planning with Plan to Eat can make this so easy. Start by adding just a few of your family’s favorite recipes to your meal plan to get started and build on this each week!

Resolution 2: Skip the Dieting!

It’s so tempting to latch on the newest, latest trend in diets, but research shows that many diets just don’t work. Usually they aren’t sustainable over time and that can lead to frustration. Who wants that? Instead, start making better choices when it comes to what you eat. Opt for plant-based foods most often, filling in the gaps with lean proteins and dairy. Start off with small portions and wait before heading back for a second helping. Be mindful and present when you eat. Enjoy the company and the food.

Resolution 3: Get Moving!

January is usually a motivating time where everyone buys a new gym membership and pledges to make working out a routine. But come February and March, that excitement has waned. Here’s an idea – come up with an end-of-the-month goal at the beginning of each month. That way you have something to work towards all month long. Maybe it’s a 5K race or maybe it’s an outdoor fun run with a friend. Choose something that will keep you on track. And enlist your friends to join the fun!

Resolution 4: Rest Up!

Staying up to watch your favorite TV show is fun, but not at the expense of a good night of sleep. Many of us don’t get the rest we need and that can make us feel tired, moody and hungry. That’s a recipe for disaster! Instead, resolve to get to bed at a reasonable time every night, locking in 7-8 hours of sleep. A well-rested body can function at it’s best!

Resolution 5: Try a New Food!

We live in an exciting time when it comes to food. It seems as if almost every day something new pops up at the grocery store or farmer’s market. So why not try it? Make this the decade you enjoy a new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before. Don’t know what to do with it?Ask the man or woman working in the produce section or at the stand. They’re usually a good resource.


Need help staying on track with those resolutions? Plan to Eat can help! You can easily grab your favorite recipes, make a grocery list and get cooking!

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  1. My No fail Whole Wheat Bread came out amazing !For someone like me who had no experienced in making bread I’m so proud of myself.Your step by step instructions helped a lot.I think this is the beginning of my new passion: baking!Thank you so much for making me realized my dream of making bread from scratch.I’m looking forward to try some more of your recipes.God bless!

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