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A quick search on the internet for “Thanksgiving side dishes” will yield a plethora of festive holiday recipes. All of which were designed to complement that boss of a turkey you bought to celebrate the big day. But we bet you’re tired of the same old cranberry gelatin mold that’s been done a million ways on Pinterest. That’s why we asked dietitians to share their inspiring recipes
for the most delicious side dishes to help back up that turkey goodness.

Let’s be clear, these dishes aren’t meant to replace your traditional feast. No way! We know you love your green bean casserole, but how about cook up one of these dishes to show your family and friends that nourishing food has a spot at the table too?

This year, we’re thankful for YOU and these dietitian-approved Thanksgiving side dishes!

Green Vegetables


Vegetables, in general



Stuffing, Casseroles & Other Sides


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