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Gift Giving with Plan to Eat

If you want to help your family and friends with their meal planning woes, give them the gift of Plan to Eat! If you want to give gifts at a later date, you can select the Send welcome emails to me, not my friend option and forward the gift redemption emails to the recipient when you are ready. You can view all of your purchased gift subscription from your Account page. You can see who has redeemed them and send unredeemed gifts to different email addresses.

We often hear from our customers that they give Plan to Eat subscriptions at their office “white elephant” or “secret santa” parties and this allows you to give the gift when you are ready or when the “winner” has been finalized after the party!

This year, we’re also excited to share our Plan to Eat Store with all of you!

You can purchase a t-shirt, apron, or mug (among other things!) to go along with a gift subscriptions you give (or as a gift for yourself, of course!). If you want a physical gift to hand someone alongside their gift subscription during the holidays, an item from the swag store is perfect.

Gift Subscription FAQ’s:

Q: Can I purchase gift subscriptions now, but give them later?

A: Yes. You can purchase a gift subscription and select the option to send the welcome email to yourself instead of the recipient. When you want to send your friend their gift you can either (a) forward them the original welcome email you received, or (b) send them a new email with the redemption link found in the welcome email or on your account page below the Gift Subscriptions section.

Q: Can I add another year to the end of an existing gift subscription that I have already purchased for a friend?

A: You sure can! Simply purchase a new gift subscription and your friend can apply it to their existing yearly subscription.

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