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Seriously Good Freezer Meals (Photo Contest!!)



bookcoverKarrie Truman (from has just released a fantastic new book called Seriously Good Freezer Meals. This book is a unique compilation of 150 family and freezer-friendly recipes and will help busy families save time while getting a home-cooked meal.

Karrie begins with a Getting Started chapter filled with tips and tricks with everything from how to freeze dairy, to how to pack the freezer, conversion charts for bulk cooking (if you’re asking “what are conversion charts?” you probably need this book), and much more. She also includes guides to making 7, 30, and even 50 freezer meals all in one day!

50 meals in 1 day. Crazy. Karrie has done it and this book will prepare you to do it, too.

You could go to Amazon right now, buy the book, and be freezer cooking by next week.

Or, being the fun-loving-risk-taker that you are, read on to enter our photo contest for a chance to score a FREE copy, plus hundreds of dollars in other goodies to build up your freezer cooking arsenal!


To celebrate the release of Karrie’s book, we’ve put together a contest using 3 of her recipes. See what a difference freezer cooking will make in your life: save money, time, and possibly even your sanity!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Select one of Karrie’s recipes:



Chicken Parmigiana

Get this recipe!


Lemon Dill Tilapia Tacos

Get this recipe!

Thai Beef Stir-fry

Thai Beef Stir-Fry

Get this recipe!


2. Make the recipe,
take a photo of it,
and post it to our:

Contest page

3. Tell your friends to visit the page and vote for your photo.



On May 19, the photo with the most votes will win all of this $350 prize package:

Seriously Good Freezer Meals Book ($23)

150 Easy Recipes to save your time, money, and sanity. This book will get you set up and freezer cooking in no time!


2-plantoeat1 Year of Plan to Eat ($39)

Collect and organize your recipes, plan your meals on our drag-and-drop calendar, and we’ll make your grocery list for you! Use Plan to Eat’s Freezer Cooking feature to scale recipes to the amount you need and keep track of what meals are in the freezer.

3-scissorsJ.A. Henckels International 5-Piece Scissors Set ($33)

Freezer cooking requires a set of scissors for everything from cutting meat, to opening plastic packaging, to trimming herbs. This set has everything you need.

Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board Set ($48)

4-cuttingRaw meat, raw fish, vegetables or cooked food must all be cut on separate cutting boards to prevent contamination. When you’re freezer cooking you’ll be working with a lot of each. Rather than washing your cutting board between each item this indexed set of cutting boards will allow you to easily switch from one to the other to spend more time cooking and less time washing.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System ($108)

As you’ll find in Karrie’s book, air is the enemy of freezing meals. It’s the thing that makes food go bad. This vacuum sealer will remove any air from your meals to keep them as fresh as possible, reduce the risk of freezer burn, and save space in your freezer.

6-bowlsJoseph Joseph 9 Nesting Bowls Set ($36)

To make the most meals possible in the shortest amount of time, you must be organized. This mixing bowl set is easy to store, but comes apart to give you multiple tools on your cooking day.

Gift card to Simply Real Foods Market ($50)

7-sipmlyrealfoodsSimply Real Foods Market is an online organic market that will deliver right to your door! Their website features only Non-GMO products, everyday kitchen pantry items, supplements, laundry, home and personal products, and pet foods. The winner of our photo contest will be able to kickstart their freezer cooking with a $50 gift certificate to Simply Real Foods Market.

8-shoppingbagPlan to Eat Canvas Shopping Bag ($19)

All of these swoon-worthy items will arrive at your doorstep packaged in one of our brand-spankin’ new Plan to Eat canvas shopping bags. We evaluated dozens of tote bags before finding just the right one. Not too deep, not too shallow, not too large, not too small…. It’s just the right size for a gallon of milk and some fresh produce.

Give freezer cooking a try and you could win some goodies!

This is a great opportunity to see what a difference freezer cooking will make in your household. Make one (or more!!) of the recipes and send in your photo(s)! We’d love to see what these recipes look like on your table, and we think you’d look great toting around our canvas bag.


Enter the Seriously Good Freezer meal Photo Contest


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