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Book Review: I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

Quitting sugar seems to be a trend that is rapidly taking over the world and social media. It’s definitely not a bad thing, as it’s sparked my curiosity with it coming up everywhere I look. There are so many programs out there, how do you choose which one is right for you? I am a self-confessed sugar junkie. I grew up on candy and pop. It is only within the past 6 – 8 months that I had the courage to wean myself off. I have been doing this on my own without a program and after reading this book, I wish I had found it sooner!


I was so excited to get my hands on Sarah Wilson’s book I Quit Sugar. Honestly, I was slightly intimidated by the title, but all it took was reading the intro and all of my fear went away. She has a very real approach to her program and after trying a lot of her recipes I came to a very hopeful conclusion about the whole quitting sugar trend.

This cookbook is not just a cookbook but a full blown 8-week detox program that could not be more clearly laid out. The book starts with her background and how addicted she was to sugar and why she felt it necessary to cut it out. I found it comforting how she relates to the reader, in my case, a self-confessed addict. She is very honest about her struggles, but also offers her personal tips and tricks she uses to overcome these.


I was so impressed with the layout!  Not only is the graphic design fantastic, but the program itself is presented in an easy to follow week by week format. In the intro she covers everything about everything. She talks about why sugar is bad, how much sugar is in most of the foods we consume on a regular basis. As simple as breaking down fruit into three categories: Low-fructose, Medium-fructose, High-fructose just for your own information. She also explains how to read nutrition labels. It’s like a bible of nutrition. I learned so much and what I appreciated most was how she simplified it all.


Part one covers the program week by week. It starts with Week One slowly easing off of sugar rather than going cold turkey. The idea behind this is to make Week 2 easier because you have less sugar in your system. By week 3, it’s time to go cold turkey. Week 5 is focused on the detox aspect of the program. She talks about situations that may be potentially challenging along the way and offers advice on how to avoid the struggle. Week 7, she encourages people to think through any lapse one might have and walks you through it. By Week 8, you are awesome and you did it! She encourages you to confidently continue making wise decisions on your own. Not entirely keeping sugar out of your diet, but not allowing yourself to become dependant and addicted to it again. The greatest thing about each week is that she recommends 3 recipes you should try. I love this!


Part Two covers everything you need to get prepped and stock your kitchen before you embark on your 8-Week sugar detox journey. It teaches how to sprout seeds and nuts but also explains why you would want to do that. From making basic chicken stock, preparing your own frozen vegetables and learning what oils and spices are the best. She breaks down what sweeteners you can use as well as what the best supplement powders are.  In this part you will also find recipes for homemade sauces.


Part Three is full of 108 delicious sugar-free recipes nicely organized recipes!  I found the recipes to be quite easy to make and very tasty!  The categories are:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Smoothies & Drinks
  3. Healthy Detox Meals
  4. Savory Snacks
  5. Sugar-Free Kids
  6. Sweet Treats
  7. Desserts

My favorite categories are the Savory Snacks and Breakfast!  The back of the book provides you with a shopping list to get your kitchen stocked as well as online resources for hard to find ingredients and additional information.

I am very impressed with the I Quit Sugar program and book. The way the program is laid out makes quitting sugar a lot less intimidating than it has to be. Full of education as to why exactly quitting sugar will benefit you. This book is so motivating not to mention Sarah’s constant encouragement and tips throughout the whole book to help in the moments of weakness. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Even if you don’t want to quit sugar, the recipes are so fantastic, even my 12 year old son was ranting and raving about them!

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