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The Plan to Eat Top 100(isn)–Sweet and Sour Chicken

I’m so glad to have all of you to find delicious recipes around the web for me! I never would have found this one, but am so glad to have it in my recipe book. This week I bring you #34 in the Plant to Eat Top 100(ish). With 185 (and counting) imports, here is a truly delicious, take-out worthy Sweet and Sour Chicken. Even better? You could almost call it healthy.


The Sweetie Pie has a thing for Sweet and Sour Chicken. He will always order it, and then be disappointed by the bowl of deep fried chicken pieces that arrive with no vegetables. And since he never asked, I never told him what I suspected was in that sweet and sour sauce (red dye? MSG? corn syrup?)

But here we have a complete transformation of the Sweetie Pie’s favorite take-out dish. Instead of being deep fried, it is briefly pan-fried, and then baked. The ingredients are all Real Food ingredients, though I did make a few changes to suit our family’s eating preferences. If you’re a veteran Paleo cook and have things like arrowroot powder, homemade ketchup, and coconut aminos on hand, you could easily make this into a gluten-free, Paleo dish. And serving it up alongside some braised greens with garlic and ginger is a piece of cake.

Thanks, Mel, for sharing this superb interpretation of a crave-worthy classic! For anyone who hasn’t already snagged this winning recipe, you can find it here (along with hundreds of other great recipes) on Mel’s blog.

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