Ice Cream for Breakfast

Last week we ran out of spinach for green smoothies and the new stuff in the garden wasn’t quite big enough to harvest.  So I started making a plain fruit smoothie for the kids for breakfast.  However, as I was halfway through blending up all the frozen fruit, I noticed I had made ice cream!  When I offered this to the kids, it was met with wholehearted enthusiasm!  Now we’ve been having ice cream for breakfast every morning.

The basic recipe is frozen fruit and almond milk; you can feel positively virtuous feeding it to your kids (or having it yourself!).  And you can use any kind of milk; we’ve done hemp milk, and I think coconut milk would be delicious.  These pictures are of a mango smoothie I made with some dried coconut mixed in.  It was pretty yummy, but our favorite is still mango-blueberry-strawberry with almond milk.

We use a Vitamix, which is amazing; I think you can even make nut butter with it.  A less powerful blender will probably work too, but maybe not give you quite as creamy results at the end.  So, just toss in the fruit and plenty of milk and whiz it up.  Keep adding milk and pressing the mixture down into the blades until it’s a nice sorbet-like consistency.  Then eat it up right away as it melts quickly!  As the days start getting hotter, this cool, dessert-like breakfast treat is the perfect way to start the day!


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Breakfast Ice Cream


  • 2 cups frozen mangoes You can use any combination of fruits, berries, even fresh herbs
  • 1/2 to 1 cup almond milk Try coconut milk or cow’s milk, or whatever milk you like.
  • Sweetener This is totally optional; we didn’t use any, but mangoes are naturally very sweet.


  1. Place your frozen fruit pieces in the blender, add a small amount of milk and begin blending. Add as little milk as possible, just enough to allow it to mix. As soon as it’s all creamy, scrape it into bowls and eat! You can freeze it, but it’ll get hard (ice pops would be yummy though!). If you’re making a couple batches or not eating right away, you can put it in the freezer for up to 20min. so it doesn’t melt.  NOTE:  This just gives you an idea about proportions- go crazy inventing your own delicious flavor combinations!

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