10 Ways to Eat Through That Windfall of Zucchini

Doesn’t everyone joke about how you can’t give zucchini away at the height of the season? There are just too many of them.

But fear not if your garden overflows or they are the cheapest item at the market. You can use them up in a variety of sweet and savory dishes using this green vegetable as the base. I love zucchinis for their high potassium content, low carbohydrate count, and versatility in recipes like…

Zucchini Boats. This is great for the larger zucchini. Here is a great recipe, but most of the time I just mix cooked ground beef with tomato paste/sauce and Italian seasonings and then cover with mozzarella cheese ala pizza.

Zucchini Fritters. You can do this with any size of zucchini. Simply follow the recipe, replacing wheat flour with a gluten-free flour or a bit less coconut flour for lower carbs.

Zucchini Bread. For the “best zucchini bread ever” recipe and tips see Aimee’s post. Or, if you are looking for a grain-free version try  this chocolate and spice zucchini bread.

Zucchini Pizza. This is a great way to get that zucchini fix when you are grain-free. I have a recipe that I like to use.

Zucchini Lasagna. Simply replace your usual lasagna noodles with very thinly sliced (lengthwise) zucchini.

Zucchini Pasta. Some use a special tool called a spiralizer for this, which is nice but not necessary. You can use a regular old vegetable peeler to achieve wider “noodles” similar to a tagliatelle. Toss raw or lightly steamed with your favorite pesto or tomato sauce.

Zucchini Salad. I like to use the smaller zucchinis for a crunchy base to a salad, especially since lettuce isn’t happening in the heat. You can either slice thinly or I use a julienne vegetable peeler for long, thin strands.

Zucchini Chips or Fries. A lovely alternative to the carb-heavy potato chip, you can make zucchini into chips or fries. I believe smaller, less watery fruits are better for this recipe.

Zucchini Parmesan. Treat as eggplant and salt, drain, bread, and fry thick slices in a good cooking fat and cover with tomato sauce and lots of yummy cheese.

Zucchini Saute. You can do this with any flavorful additions you’d like from garlic to onions to fresh herbs. One of my favorite combinations involves bacon, garlic and Parmesan cheese.

How are you using up those bushels full of summer squash?

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