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What’s Missing from Your Diet?

Friends, I’m interrupting this regularly scheduled blog to ask a question. I don’t mean to be nosy, I’m just curious.

What’s missing from your diet?

If you have food restrictions (or cook for someone who does), would you consider sharing with me what they are? You don’t have to be lengthy, you don’t have to go into detail. You don’t even have to use complete sentences. You can slip quietly into the comments section and whisper “Eggs” or “Tomatoes”.

As I choose recipes to post, it’s helpful for me to know what people are and aren’t eating. If you don’t have food allergies, you can let me know that, too. Just be nice about it and don’t rub it in.

And, in fairness, I will answer my own question. But it’s easier for me to list the things that I AM eating, since the list of what I’m not eating is so long. So here’s what’s on the menu for me: organic meat (except pork products), rice, potatoes, coconut, bananas, mangoes, apples, zucchini, peas, cucumbers, and a host of incidental ingredients (garlic, tapioca, herbs, spices, etc.)

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your feedback.


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