When I was in middle school my dad went to Nepal for a month.  He came back bearing exciting stories, turquoise jewelry, stunning photographs, and a recipe for lassis that has since become a family staple.  I always order a mango one when we go out for Indian food.

In a twist on the traditional rose water lassi, I simply threw in a few handfuls of rose petals, which turned everything a delightful shade of pink.

Here’s the recipe:

  • cup and a half of plain (unsweetened) yogurt
  • blossoms from three big roses (check for aphids, I’m sure they don’t change the flavor, but you know)
  • few tablespoons of honey until it’s sweet enough

Whiz it up in the blender until it’s frothy and smooth.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect thing to serve at a little girl’s fairy-themed birthday party?  When Clay tasted it he said, “Wow, this is pure girl!”  It is quite floral.

When I was little I wanted to have a fairy-themed restaurant (okay, maybe I still do) with sugared violets, dainty fruit salads, green salads with pansies and nastursiums, honeyed drinks, you know, the kinds of things fairies eat.  I would definitely serve this pink fairy drink!

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