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Basic Stew Recipe

We have been cooking through Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, Jamie’s food revolution and I am off by one night for this recipe. We have been installing new wood floors this weekend so we are a bit out of our rhythm. So, last night we had:

I made the stew with beef and ale.  It cooked way down in the oven so next time I will double it. The resulting stew was amazingly flavorful!  Our family of 2 grown-ups and 3 little people ate it all. I was very impressed. I did add garlic because I cannot imagine a stew without garlic.  The dumplings on the other hand were terrible! Luckily we were able to just take them back out. I have never eaten dumplings before and I cannot imagine the appeal.  It tasted like cooked flour.  I think that the potato options Jamie suggests would be much tastier. We will try that next time.

The carrots were good, the orange is a bit overpowering, I thought.  I think I will reduce the amount next time.

Our desert was absolutely amazing!  I put it in to bake as we started dinner and it was ready just a little bit after we finished cleaning up. Wow! Banana’s and butter and pastry is delicious. This is a company desert. Just make sure it cooks long enough to cook the puff pastry on the inside, ours had a few doughy spots.

We have just one more day before we will randomly select the winner of our giveaway so pick a recipe from this weeks meal plan, cook it, and leave a comment on the post for that recipe and you will be entered. You could win a 1 year free subscription to Plan to Eat. All comments left before 8 pm eastern tomorrow, Sunday, March 13 will be entered. Good luck!


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