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Can anyone tell me the origin of “Cracking”? How did that come to mean “really good”? The recipe for today in our Jamie’s Food Revolution cook-along is:

I have now cooked this recipe twice.  Both times were really good.  Tonight I reduced the amount of crackers in it because it was a little too much like meatloaf with the amount Jamie called for. I reduced it by half tonight and next time I may reduce it a little more. My first try I made very thick burgers and the cooking time was significantly longer than 4 minutes a side. This time I made them thinner and put a sheet pan over the burgers on my grill pan and it went much quicker. I even tried these out with company and they were a hit.  All 6 kids ate every bite. This is definitely a recipe we will use over and over. I was told tonight this recipe is much better than the burgers I have made in the past…how’s that for a compliment! I really like the parsley,it gives the burgers a very fresh taste.

So, let us know what your think!  We only have one more day of recipes for this week before our drawing on Sunday for a 1 year free subscription to Plan to Eat.  You do not have to cook the recipe the same day that I do.  Just cook any of the recipes on the current weeks meal plan and leave a comment on the post for that recipe and you will be entered into the drawing.  And remember, you can win even if you already have a subscription!

Have a cracking time cooking!

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