Stock Your Freezer with “Overripe” Bananas and Save


I probably look like a crazy woman when I head to our local grocery store and load up my cart with bags of “overripe” bananas, but because they’re so versatile, I usually buy as many as the store has available.

The funny thing about “overripe” bananas is that they’re really not overripe at all! In fact, bananas aren’t fully ripe until they begin to develop brown spots, but of course most people prefer to buy bright yellow, unblemished bananas, so grocery stores sell the older ones at a steep discount. 

So what do we do with all of those bananas? 

My kids eat a lot of bananas each week, so a good portion of them simply sit out on the counter until they’re eaten. 

I peel and freeze the rest in batches of 4 or 5 bananas to be used in:

You could also dip them in chocolate and freeze them for a yummy treat, and I recently came across this recipe, which I can’t wait to try:


  • frozen banana
  • cream
  • cinnamon sugar


1. Cut the frozen banana into thick slices and layer in the bottom of a bowl.

2. Drizzle slowly with cream, which will freeze on the bananas.

3. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar…and enjoy!

Do you purchase “overripe” bananas to freeze? What else do you make with them?

15 Responses to Stock Your Freezer with “Overripe” Bananas and Save

  1. We freeze bananas mostly for banana bread and smoothies, but I just put them in the freezer in the peeling. When I need bananas for bread, I set them out to thaw, snip the end off, squeeze them out and mash them. For smoothies, I just peel them with a knife.
    The recipes for the frozen banana slice snacks sounds yummy.

  2. I buy the bags like in the photo whenever my store has them. I love the easy ice cream with a few mini chocolate chips mixed in. I also slice them and cook them in a skillet with a little butter and cinnamon. They will start to caramalize and smell so good. I serve that over french toast or just plain toast.
    If you peel the bananas first and put them in a freezer bag, they won’t turn brown.

  3. It’s been chilly here and I want to bake and fill my freezer with mini-muffins for when my sister visits in June. My store hasn’t had any ripe ones on sale in quite a while and every time I buy edible ones, they get eaten before I can bake banana bread or peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread!
    When they do get good and ripe, if I’m not baking, we peel them and freeze them in Tupperware. My husband uses them in his protein shakes.

  4. I should keep an eye out for the overripe bananas. I’ve never seen them sold at a discount. For the ones that just age at home, I love making baked goods and smoothies from them.

    • Would you please send me instructions on canning bananas. I tried to go to your attached link but it has moved and I can’t find it.


      • Carolyn, the link for canned bananas is at

        Often, a website with treasures that have been shared by grateful visitors for years will update, and a link won’t work simply because the page has been renamed.

        When this happens, one great trick is to:
        1. copy the link,
        2. paste it in your address bar,
        3. “cut” everything after the “.com” (what’s left will give you the site’s main page),
        4. then search the site for the missing link by using their search box or looking at their navigational menu.

        In this case, I looked at their navigational menu, found recipes then canning recipes and finally bananas!

        If, however, you don’t find it on the site anymore at all, then now is the time to use the part you cut from the link (this is why you cut instead of delete — so that you’ll still have it!)
        1. paste *just the cut part* into a blank address bar and hit send (which automatically googles it for you
        2. If anyone has reposted the recipe (or whatever the missing link is) by using its same name, that will come up for you now in the search results.

        Hope this helps!


  5. Me too, that’s how I do it. I just buy my bananas and when we haven’t eaten them all before they get too brown to eat, they go in the freezer. I love making banana bread!

  6. OMG! Thanks for all the suggestions. I was given a whole case of “overripe” bananas – which as a child, I didn’t know you ate bananas that were bright yellow with no brown spots! We owned a grocery store and we only ate the black ones!! : ) The cream/cinnamon treat sounds great! I will make it for Family Home Evening next Monday! Thanks again!

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