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May 2023 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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Episode #56: Plant-Forward Nutrition with Hannah Van Ark 

Hannah is a registered dietitian dedicated to helping people thrive by eating more plants. This episode is focused on meal planning with a plant-forward approach. Hannah gives lots of tips for how to add more plants to your meals and why this dietary change is great for a lot of people. Enjoy!

Episode #57: RV Life, Food, and Meal Planning with Dan and Sam Mathews

Samantha and Dan Mathews are podcast hosts, content creators, and parents of two! They travel full-time in their RV while homeschooling and working from the road. We got to chat with these two about how they meal plan and grocery shop for living on the road. 

Recent Articles from the Blog

It’s almost summertime at Plan to Eat HQ. We’re excited for fresh produce and long, sunny days! Enjoy our most recent posts including feature releases, tips & tricks, new recipes, and more!

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffin Tops Recipe

These resemble cookies but are fluffier with a tender crumb and topped with a crunchy cinnamon streusel topping and cream cheese icing. Imagine giant blueberry coffee cake muffins…without their bottoms!

Meal Planning for a Sailing Trip

Check out this interview with a Plan to Eat customer, Heidi Priestley, about how she used Plan to Eat to meal plan for a 5-week sailing trip!

5 Ways to Stay on Track with Meal Planning

Taking a break from meal planning isn’t all bad, but it does lead to more frequent restaurant meals, takeout, fast food runs, and more money spent on food. If your summertime food choices tend to go off the rails, we have some tactics for staying on track with meal planning.


#LifeSkillsNow Summer Camp

Wondering how you’ll keep your kids busy this summer? The #LifeSkillsNow summer camp is a free opportunity to help kids, ages 5-18 (plus workshops for parents, including preschool parents), build important life skills.Your kids can learn all sorts of things like how to change a tire, create a budget, and how to make a pasta bar (plus a ton more)! We’re participating with a lesson about 5 things to do before you start cooking.
This online camp happens from June 12-16.
Learn more and sign up here

Desktop Updates

We’ve been squashing bugs and working on new features for Plan to Eat!

  • We added a recipe filter that allows you to return recipes based on a calorie range.
  • We also added a sort-by-calories option.
  • We will display calories on recipe cards, and the grid format, when sorting and/or searching by calories.
  • To improve performance, we are limiting the website filter to 150 websites when viewing the Friends recipe book.
  • Bugfix: Calculating Nutrition for recipes was not calculating the unit “fl. oz.” and “fl oz” correctly. Recipes that use “fl oz” and have already been calculated will need to be re-calculated to fix the incorrect nutritional data.

We will continue to notify you of any updates and new features on our blog and via email. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

Highlighted Reviews

Love this app! It keeps all my recipes organized and the best part is that it makes my shopping list for me!

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“I have been using PTE for several years. Love it! I love having all my recipes in one place. I love having my grocery list always accessible on the app. I love that the app builds my grocery list for me. I am also loving the feature that builds the nutrition info from the recipe.”

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