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February 2023 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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Episode #49: How to Keep Your Goals and Resolutions Going

If your goals or New Year’s Resolutions have started to slide, we have some tips to help you get back on track! From scheduling reminders to breaking your goal into bite-sized pieces, tune in for how Riley and Roni motivate themselves for habit change.

Episode #50: Cooking Tips from a Professional Chef, Meera Keshav

This week we’re joined by professional chef, Meera Keshav! Meera gives us some great tips on how to make restaurant-quality meals at home including advice about salt and recipe substitutions. 

Recent Articles from the Blog

Our blog was busy in February! Enjoy some of our most recent posts including feature releases, tips & tricks, new recipes, and more!

Automatically Calculate Nutrition Facts for your Recipes

The ability to calculate nutrition facts for recipes in Plan to Eat is now available! Scroll to the Nutrition Facts section of a recipe you own and use the “Calculate Nutrition Facts” button.

I asked ChatGPT to create my meal plan…

Like so many people right now, I started playing with ChatGPT. I wanted to see what ChatGPT would come up with for an actual meal plan.

Ravioli for Two with “Pink” Champagne Lobster Sauce

A deconstructed lobster ravioli dish that’s just as decadent as its more labor-intensive cousin! Store-bought fresh ravioli keeps it simple and the sweet, tender lobster is served on top with a luxurious creamy wine sauce.

Louisiana King Cake Recipe

Traditionally part of Mardi Gras celebrations, King Cakes are made using a yeasted sweet dough that is filled with either cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, strawberry, praline, or chocolate, shaped into a circle, baked, and decorated with icing and colorful sugar.

Plan to Eat Team Winter Recipe Favorites

Cooking delicious, hearty meals in the winter feels nourishing, both for you and the people you’re feeding. I asked the Plan to Eat team to share some of their favorite winter recipes, so we can share what’s nourishing us on these cold winter days.


Join us for the March Gadget Bracket! This bracket will determine our customer’s number one favorite kitchen gadget. And at the end of the voting period, one participant will win the winning kitchen gadget!

Learn more about the bracket and how to enter.

Mobile App Updates

We’ve been squashing bugs and working on new features for the Plan to Eat desktop site and app!

This month we released app version 3.0.2.

  • You can now calculate the Nutrition Facts for your recipes! Scroll to the Nutrition Facts section of any recipe you own and tap the new “Calculate Nutrition Facts” button to update them. Please note that the provided Nutrition Facts are estimates.
  • You can now drag and drop events on the planner! Long press on an event to reschedule it to a different day or meal time.
  • We made several improvements to how drag and drop determines where an event was dropped after the sections on the page are minimized. Events should now appear to drop exactly where you dropped them.
  • We refreshed the app icon and loading screen to use our updated logo.

Desktop Updates

  • You can now calculate the Nutrition Facts for your recipes! Scroll to the Nutrition Facts section of any recipe you own and click the “Calculate Nutrition Facts” button.
  • We added support for flagging nutrition values for review.
  • We increased the global font size for the desktop website from 13.5px to 14px.
  • We darkened the day section headings when printing your meal plan.

We will continue to notify you of any updates and new features on our blog and via email. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

Highlighted Reviews

“I can’t imagine how this app could be better. It is so simple to use, lays out recipes in the simplest way to read while cooking and has so many useful customizations that you can use but don’t have to.”

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“I’ve been using this app for three or four years now. I’m SO pleased that they added the drag and drop rescheduling functionality on mobile. It’s saved me a ton of time and it helps me reduce food waste. I started using it before I made a career change—I’m a grad student now, and it’s more helpful than ever. I have zero free time, and my budget is tight. “

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