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Plan to Eat Team Winter Recipe Favorites

One of the best parts of winter is turning on the oven or firing up the stove and warming the house with smells of slow-cooked foods, warm spices, and earthy root vegetables. Cooking delicious, hearty meals in the winter feels nourishing, both for you and the people you’re feeding. 

I asked the Plan to Eat team to share some of their favorite winter recipes, so we can share what’s nourishing us on these cold winter days.

Jess – Front-End Software Engineer 

1. Mushroom and brie soup paired with this easy artisan bread. I use beef stock instead of chicken for a richer broth! I love this recipe because it feels so cozy and indulgent.

2. Crispy quinoa baked salad. I sauté up some chicken thighs with olive oil, salt, and pepper to put on top. It’s so unusual but the flavors are wonderful, and it’s surprisingly filling.

3. The best baked salmon. I serve it with brown rice and a veggie (usually green beans, or roasted brussels sprouts with diced sweet potatoes). It’s sweet and smokey and buttery, perfect for a quick winter meal.

4. Better than takeout Dan Dan Noodles. So delicious on a cold night with dumplings on the side! Bonus if you want to spend your snow day making your own…

Dan – Software Engineer

I don’t like soup very much, but I love this zuppa toscana recipe. Maybe it’s the sausage, maybe it’s the cream, but I’m not bored while eating it like I am with most other soups.

I also love this beef stroganoff recipe. Pretty simple and very tasty.

I don’t know if it’s a winter-only recipe, but my last pick is this chicken paprikash recipe for when it’s cold out.

Shelby – Customer Support + Social Media Manager

I love winter, particularly for soup season! Nothing feels more cozy and nourishing than a warm bowl of hearty soup! Here are my current favorites:

Roni – Marketing Director

My husband isn’t as much of a soup fan as I am in the Winter, so I’m constantly looking for warm, hearty recipes that aren’t soups. This homemade hamburger helper fits the bill, makes great leftovers, and is full of 90’s nostalgia. 

This 4-ingredient curry is super easy and full of flavor. If you have a little extra time to make dinner, this oven-fried hot honey chicken recipe always turns out amazing!

I also love to bake in the winter and a slice of this banana bread with a cup of coffee in the morning is an excellent way to start the day. 🙂 

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