March 2020 Recap & Updates

Recent Articles from the Blog

If you are looking for motivation, tips & tricks, new recipes, and so much more — the Plan to Eat Blog is an awesome resource for you. Enjoy some of our most recent blog posts from last month.

Top Three Food Labels Worth Remembering

Kim put together an informative list to help you navigate your grocery purchases with more knowledge on what food labels actually mean and what you should be purchasing.

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Cake Baking Tips and Tricks

Another month and another sweet post from Anna!  This post will teach you how to get started baking the perfect cakes. Beginner and intermediate bakers will find these tips and tricks super helpful!

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Using Plan to Eat During Unusual Times

Roni built an amazing list of tips for utilizing Plan to Eat during our current season. This article will be helpful for anyone making meal plans, freezer meals, or simply trying to get organized and cook most of your meals at home.

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Recent Mobile App Updates

We have been busy adding new features and squashing bugs for our iOS and Android app. Right now, version 2.3.9 is rolling out in both the iOS and Android stores.

  • iOS: We added support for putting items on your shopping list with Siri! Just say, “Hey Siri, add {item} to my shopping list in Plan to Eat.” Be sure to enable Siri when you visit the Shop tab! This help article will show you exactly how to utilize this feature on your iOS device.
  • You can now reorganize your grocery store categories right from the app! Go to Shop > > Manage Categories to put them in the order you like!
  • Your Friends and Monthly Challenges are now separate options in the Cook tab’s submenu.

We’re excited to give you another year of fresh updates and amazing new features! We will continue to notify you of any new updates and features on our blog and via email. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team at [email protected].

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