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3 Great Recipes, Loads of Prizes


Our Seriously Good Freezer Meals Photo Contest continues! We have 3 great recipes and a chance for you to win loads of prizes. Simply make one of the recipes, then take a photo of it and post it to our contest page, and you’ll be entered for your chance to win our $350 prize package.

You need to make dinner anyway — why not make one of these great recipes, show us what you got, and win loads of goodies… just for making dinner!


One of those prizes is a $50 gift certificate to Simply Real Foods Market, which is an online organic market that will deliver right to your door. Their website features only Non-GMO products, everyday kitchen pantry items, supplements, laundry, home and personal products, and pet foods.

  • They buy direct from growers, producers, and manufacturers to offer you the lowest prices possible.
  • There are no Genetically Modified Foods or Ingredients in any of their products!
  • They don’t charge a membership fee.
  • They have FREE Standard Delivery on orders that are $50 or more in the continental U.S.
  • They use 100% recyclable boxes and earth friendly insulation liners in all of their packaging.

If purchasing groceries online is your thing, you could go to their website right now to give them a try, or…

You could enter our Seriously Good Freezer Meals Photo Contest!

Their $50 gift certificate will help you kickstart the freezer cooking that you’ll be doing with all of your other great prizes.

Here are the details!


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