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Easy Meals for the New Year – Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Vegetables


Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Vegetables is recipe #3 in our Easy Meals for the New Year challenge. This recipe, which comes to us from NeighborFood (thank you!), embodies the spirit of this challenge as it is incredibly simple to make. We’re huge fans of “one pan” meals here at Plan to Eat because they truly save you so much time and energy. Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Veggies takes about 6-8 minutes prep time before you place it into the oven. Ah, and the next 40 minutes are yours to spend however you’d like!

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Vegetables

brought to us by the good folks at NeighborFood


Over the summer I prepared several jars of homemade basil pesto and used it to make this meal. If you’ve never made it, or would prefer to save a little time and purchase a pre-made option, you should be able to easily find good selections at your local grocery store. The pesto adds such a fresh and wonderful flavor to this meal, so I highly recommend that you don’t leave it out!

Once this recipe is finished cooking, your entire dinner is ready! I did not add any additional sides when I served it. We had leftover baked veggies and I used them as a side dish to another meal later in the week. Next time, I may even prep more veggies because having the ready made side was so handy and helpful!

This simple and delicious recipe is a great example of how meal planning can allow you to spend more time with your loved ones. Our hope is that regardless of your New Year’s Resolutions,  (whether it was meal planning, eating out less, spending more time with your family, saving money, or eating healthy) you’re on the road to accomplishing your goals!

Make 2018 the year that meal planning becomes a habit.

To get you started, we’ve put together an amazing collection of 30 easy-to-prepare recipes, and made them available to you right in your Plan to Eat account.

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