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Back to School with Real Food (Week 4 & final giveaway!)

What can be one of the most stressful for parents is that age-old question: what to make for dinner? During this time of year, this can be an especially difficult question to answer and we’re here to help!
Here are some no-fail, quick and easy recipes that can answer that question for you and from week 4 of Back to School With Real Food!

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Win 1 free year of Plan to Eat!
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To help you take on another year of school, everyone participating in Back to School with Real Food can enter to win a few extra goodies. On September 1, one lucky winner will receive:

1year-small1 Free year of Plan to Eat
($39 value)

Stay organized by knowing what’s for dinner! Having a meal plan will help you save money, lower your stress in the kitchen, and help you eat more meals together as a household. Plan to Eat is a great tool to help you keep up and running all year long, even after the grind of after school activities set in!

Bag-small1 Plan to Eat shopping bag
($19 value)

Our sturdy canvas shopping bag can handle the heaviest of groceries! We evaluated dozens of tote bags before finding just the right one. Not too deep, not too shallow, not too large, not too small…. It’s just the right size for a gallon of milk and some fresh produce.

EcoLunchbox-small2 ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Food Container Set
($62 value)

Designed by an experienced lunch-packer and mother of two, this 100% stainless steel lunchbox set works great for packing a small sandwich on the bottom plus a wet and dry side dish in the top container. Each winner will receive 2 sets!

MuffinTin-small2 Silcone 6 cup Muffin Tin
($20 value)

Muffins are fantastic for on-the-go lunches — three of the recipes in the challenge include the use of a muffin tins! These silicone muffin pans are great for turning out muffins quickly (and cleanly!) and are super-easy to wash. Each winner will receive 2 muffin pans to bake a dozen muffin all at one time.

RealLunchesRealEasy-small1 Free download of Real Lunches, Real Easy
($15 value)

Why did we ask Kiran to host this challenge about going back to school? Because she has partnered with 100 Days of Real Food to write a book about it! Real Lunches, Real Easy includes recipes, lunch-packing tips and tricks, and 3 months of school lunches that you can use again and again all year long! The book will be available later this month and our winners will receive a free copy.

This swoon-worthy $155 prize package can be yours! Simply enter by joining Back to School with Real Food and filling in the form below. After confirming that you have joined Back to School with Real Food, you will have opportunities for additional entries.

My sister-in-law recently asked me to help her come up with some new dinner recipes. She was just “out of ideas” and with her kids heading back to school, she also was having a mental roadblock with her meal planning. This scenario is exactly what got Plan to Eat set on creating and designing monthly challenges for our users. As much as we love recipes, meal creation, and meal planning, we wanted to share some of that love with our users in the easiest way possible: a month of recipes and tricks to making this whole thing a bit easier.

I began scrolling through all of my recipes in my Recipe Book, to help design some meal ideas for her, I found myself sticking to recipes I knew were easy, quick, healthful, and family friendly. Nearly all the recipes I chose for her were from our previous challenges. Make Ahead from January, One Pot Meals from April, and Grill It from May helped me create pretty outstanding menus for my sister as she gets ready to go back to work (she’s a teacher) and send her kids back to school. I shared these in my Week One blog post, but I want to share them again because I personally found them so helpful. I know they help you in your back to school planning too:

The Facebook Group

Looking for other back to school tips and tricks? Come join us in the Back to School with Real Food Facebook group! In the group you will find friends, discuss tips and tricks, and share recipes to help you get ready to start the school year. Ask Kiran for tips to make your school lunches great!

Additional Resources

We’ve created several Pinterest boards to help you get ready to go back to school:

Join us!

Let’s make this school year great by with lunches and dinners that both nutritious and easy.

Join us For Back to School with Real Food! 

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