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And so, We Bid a Fond Farewell…

It’s that time again, dear readers. It is time to say good-bye to my newest cookbook friend, The Art of Real Food. I’m so glad to welcome this book to my cookbook shelf, along with its companion book. I didn’t share recipes from Placer County Real Food on the blog, but I cooked from it several times on my own. I can tell you with assurance that those recipes are just as tasty, just as fresh, and just as delightful as the ones I’ve shared with you over the past few months.

I did some reflecting over all the dishes we tried and picked out a few that were my family’s favorites. I tried to pick a top three, but–Goodness!!–there were too many favorites. I was only able to narrow it down to four.

Tomato Gratin

Sausage Wrapped in Cabbage Leaves

Potato Salad

Finnish Pancakes

Yum! What a round-up. My mouth is watering just remembering these delightful dishes.

I’m so thankful to the authors for letting me share their recipes with you. They have been the perfect thing for cooking up the bounty of summer–from the garden, from the CSA box, and from the farmers’ market. The recipes were simple, unique, and delicious. I love that I can keep cooking from them through the winter, since they also include recipes for all of those humble, cold-weather crops (I have broccoli nearing readiness in the garden right now!) I’ll be cooking out of these books for seasons to come.

Next week, I’m looking forward to welcoming you to a new series of posts. I’ve already been cooking and photographing and am so excited to share this new series with you! Wondering where we’re heading? Come back next week and I’ll fill you in on all the deets.

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