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Healthy Snacks for the Road

Over the holidays we did a lot of traveling and I found myself worrying about my kids surviving on party food alone.  To minimize the effects of days on end of parties and treats, I tried to make sure we had plenty of healthy snacks that we could grab and take with us.  At least if we were eating on the road, I could make sure it was healthy.  Here are some snacks that I found my kids loved and I felt good about giving them.  I’d love to hear what your tried-and-true healthy snacks are!

Soaked nuts (We soak these overnight to start the sprouting process and up the nutrient content.  Then we drain them and let them dry.  They’re also tastier this way, I think, and easier for little teeth to chomp on.)

Seaweed (Full of great micronutrients!)

Honey sticks (These are more of a treat, so I only get them out occasionally or when I really need my kids on their best behavior:)

Unsweetened (or at least non-sugar) cereal (We don’t eat cereal, but every once in awhile it makes a great snack.  Our kids aren’t used to sugary cereal, so even puffed wheat or unsweetened Cheerios seem exciting to them!)

Spirulina chips (my three year old loves these and they’re super healthy!)

Freeze-fried fruits and veggies (These are awesome because the kids are nuts about them and I don’t have to worry about mess.  We went to a choir performance at a local cathedral for Christmas and I kept a little baggie in my purse and administered them throughout the performance.  The kids were angelic!)

Dried fruit and non-messy fresh fruit

Nut butter packets

Drinkable snacks (in spill-proof containers!!): homemade yogurt, green smoothies, pureed soup, almond milk smoothies, etc.

Especially with young kids, who can be so unreliable about what and when they eat, I find that if I know their snacks are nutrient dense and healthy, I worry less if we’re not sitting down to the table for three square meals.  What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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