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Fried Lily Blossoms

You could probably fry grass clippings and they’d taste pretty darn good; it’s hard to go wrong with crispy and fattening.  Here’s just one more way I use the yummy day lily blossoms in my yard!

The blossoms that are a day old close in on themselves, but are still tasty, so I gathered up a bunch of these and dipped them in beaten egg.  I figure if you can fry squash blossoms, you can fry lily blossoms.  I rolled the dipped blossoms in a combination of Italian bread crumbs, flour, seasoning salt and Parmesan cheese.  They fried up nice and crispy and would’ve made a perfect appetizer, if I hadn’t immediately scarfed them all down while catching up on reading emails.

It’s really satisfying turning something that would ordinarily go unused, or that isn’t even generally considered a food, into something exotic, delicate and, dare I say, fancy.  I would definitely think these were fancy if I were served them at a party, well, at least the ones I didn’t burn…  The pan got a little too hot in that last batch above, but they were tasty nonetheless.

PS If you can catch the blossoms before they’re entirely closed up, I think you could squeeze some goat cheese in there before rolling them in egg and bread crumbs.  Now that would make a seriously mind-blowing appetizer!

What’s the “strangest” thing you’ve ever fried?

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