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My Favorite Juice (Plus a Few More)

This is the drink that quenches my fruit craving down to the tips of my toes.

I cut two or three grapefruits in half and scoop out the pulp, then toss it into the vitamix with a cup or two of frozen strawberries and let it go for a few minutes until even the tiniest strawberry seeds have been pulverized into the smoothest, sweetest, tangiest elixir.  While I’m making it I get so excited I can hardly wait for it to be done!

It really is divine, like a less tart, smoother, more refreshing strawberry lemonade.  And I have no scientific basis for this, but it seems like it must be a really cleansing concoction.  I just feel SO good every time I drink it, which will be pretty much daily for the next week or so given the number of grapefruits on my counter.Another family favorite is pineapple (fresh or frozen) with handfuls of spinach and a little ice, if you like. It’s vibrantly green, but tastes like dessert and toddlers slurp it down with abandon! 

Ginger and lemon elevate the basic carrot-apple combination to sophisticated heights, and beets make everything better.  I love the deep pink beets add to juice and their earthy sweetness is such a pleasant surprise. Try sneaking a few sticks of celery into your sweeter juices; you may not even notice!  We also love cucumber with apple and cilantro; it’s sweet, but unusual.

What are some of your favorite juice combinations?

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