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Chicken Fajitas

With a bit of skepticism, tonight we had:

We began this journey as a way to get out of our cooking rut and try some new recipes and techniques. There are some really interesting traditional British meals that I have never prepared including the curries that the Brits are so good at. However, I think that we Americans have a bit more experience with Mexican cooking. Hence my skepticism when I began this recipe. I followed the recipe as Jamie wrote it except that I made the marinade at lunch time and let the chicken sit in until dinner. The resulting chicken was good but it tasted like an attempt at fajita meat that had failed to really get there. The salsa was very simple and tasty and we did really enjoy it.

Here is the marinade I always use to make fajitas and it is awesome! It will work with chicken, pork, beef or fish (just don’t let the fish sit in it for more than a couple hours):

It is really great if you can make the marinade the night before and leave the meat to marinate for 24 hours. Cook it on an outdoor grill before slicing. It is the best! The other thing that makes fajitas really good it getting your tortilla from a Mexican tortilleria that makes fresh tortillas every day. Do some research in your town to find one. There is no comparison at all to grocery store bought tortillas!

Let us know what you think. Cook a recipe from this weeks meal plan and leave us a comment before 8pm eastern time, Sunday, March 27 and you will be entered into our giveaway to win a 1 year subscription to Plan to Eat, even if you already have an account. For tonight’s post, you can try either recipe and comment. Enjoy!

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