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A couple of weeks ago, I told you how the improved Friends feature makes it incredibly easy to share recipes with friends and family so that you always have a queue of new recipes to try!

As if that wasn’t enough reason to share Plan to Eat with everyone you know, they also recently increased referral fees, which means you can earn even more when you refer friends and family to the program.

Commissions payments are $1 for a $4.95/mo. referral subscription and $8 for a $39/yr. referral subscription.

Here’s how it works:

Any time you share your recipes with friends and they signup for a free trial, Plan to Eat will track them as a referral and pay you when they submit their first payment.

Or use a special referral link, and when people signup for Plan to Eat using that link Plan to Eat will automatically track them as your referrals. Referral payments are sent at the beginning of each month. So for example, if 10 of your referrals sign up for a yearly subscription in one month, you’ll receive $80 at the beginning of the next month.

Payments are sent via PayPal to your email associated with your Plan to Eat account. If you don’t have a PayPal account you’ll get one with your first payment.

Visit to sign up for the program. After you sign up, click on Referrals in the upper right-hand corner of any screen to track your referrals.

When referring users to Plan to Eat, be sure to give them your user ID so they can friend you and see how the friend feature works right away.

If there are recipes that you’d like to keep private (perhaps because they just serve as a placeholder in your account rather than an actual recipe), you can now do that too! Simply click on the recipe title and then check the box in the upper right corner of the recipe that says Private Recipe, and your change will be saved automatically.

Are you signed up as a Plan to Eat affiliate already?

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