New Friend Feature Makes Sharing Recipes Even Easier!

One of the features of Plan to Eat that has the most potential to change the way my family eats is the Friend feature, which allows users to share recipes with friends and family who also use Plan to Eat. I’ve discovered all kinds of fun recipes this way that I probably would have never thought to look for otherwise.

The original feature took kind of an all-or-nothing approach to sharing recipes, but the latest update takes this ability to a whole new level.

Now, you can scroll through your friends’ Recipe Books and choose to Save their recipes to your Recipe Book, add them to your Queue or Hide them altogether.

The Planner Queue is another new feature that serves as a temporary Recipe Book, allowing you to bookmark recipes you want to be sure to plan in the future. Add your favorites, new recipes you want to try or recipes you haven’t made recently so that you don’t have to page through dozens of recipes each time you plan your menu. Add recipes directly from your Queue to your Meal Plan for easy meal planning

To add your friends, click on the Friends tab. If you don’t have any friends, you will be prompted to add them. If you already have friends on your list, click on Add More Friends at the top. You can add friends using their email address or username.

There are a couple of ways to save or queue your friends’ recipes. First, click on Friends in the left sidebar. Next, select the Recipe Book you want to view from the list.

You can hover over a recipe to see the Hide/Save/Queue buttons, or you can simply click and drag a recipe to your My Recipes or Planner Queue folders on the left side of the screen.

Hiding recipes removes them from the list altogether, but you can always view all of the recipes by clicking on View hidden recipes in the upper right-hand corner. Hidden recipes will be shown in gray so that you can unhide any of them by simply clicking Unhide when you hover over the recipe.

I’m excited about how easy it is to browse and add recipes from my friends’ collections now, and I’m looking forward to trying new recipes more often, although my picky children may not be as enthusiastic as I am!

Do you get stuck in a rut where you serve the same things all the time? Does your family like to try new recipes?

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