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A Plan-to-Eat Moment from Kait

Kait recently left a comment on an older post with her new monthly planning system. It’s such a great idea that I wanted to be sure everybody else had a chance to read it as well:

I just came up with something that totally changes the game for my meal planning! I have a full-time job, so planning is essential
for me, otherwise…hello $5 hot’n ready from Little Caesar’s.

I like to shop once a month for all non-perishable stuff and then once weekly at the farmer’s market for fresh things.

Today I created stores in Plan to Eat and titled them by week for the next month. Then I selected each week to display in the meal planner tab and drug all the produce items to the appropriate “store” that I had created.

Wah to the la…one shopping list for an entire month with produce listed weekly! I nearly cried…

I don’t know about you, buy I can’t wait to give this a try for August!

Do you plan your menu weekly or monthly? Have you ever tried shopping just one time and picking up the remaining perishables as needed?

Photo by Natalie Maynor

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