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A Plan-to-Eat Moment

A couple of weeks ago, we were on our way back from vacation and trying to decide when we would grocery shop for the week. Because we live about 45 minutes from the closest “city”, it’s not easy for us to just run to the store — we either end up paying premium prices for virtually no selection at the small-town grocery store or using a ton of gas to drive through the mountain roads to get to the larger chains.

We always throw out the idea of just shopping on the way home, but I never have a list ready. Shopping without a list is not my idea of fun, and neither is trying to put together a list in the parking lot with four tired, cranky kids in the backseat, so we usually just skip it.

However, this time was different. At the beginning of June, I spent an early morning at Starbucks doing some summer planning, which included putting together a meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire month.

This time when the subject of stopping on the way home came up, my meal plan was already done, and because I use Plan to Eat, that meant my shopping list was ready to go as well.

I was able to pull the new mobile site up on my Palm Pre Plus, add a few items from my popular items list and check off a couple items that I knew we had at home. I was literally ready to go in just minutes!

I think that was the moment that I became Plan to Eat’s biggest fan!

Have you had a Plan to Eat moment?


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