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Import Recipes from Any Website/Blog

We have tried to make importing recipes from the web extremely easy. Currently you can import recipes by searching directly from Plan to Eat, copying-and-pasting a recipe’s URL, or using our import bookmarklet while browsing the web. However there are some sites, especially blogs, where importing recipes can be a bit of a pain — until today!

If  you are not already using our bookmarklet to import recipes into your Plan to Eat recipe book, now is definitely the time to take it for a spin. We’ve just updated our bookmarklet so you can import a recipe from any website without ever leaving that website. And if we can’t automatically import the recipe,  you can quickly copy-and-paste any missing information and easily save the recipe to your Plan to Eat account without leaving the page.

Here is how it works:

  1. Drag this link, Save Recipe (PTE) to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. If you are using Internet Explorer right click the link and select “Add to Favorites…” and then save it to your Favorites/Favorites Bar. If the link above doesn’t work, you can also find the bookmarklet when adding a new recipe to Plan to Eat.
  2. The next time you find a recipe on the web that you want to save to your Plan to Eat recipe book, click this bookmark in your browser toolbar and it will display an import window with the recipe automatically imported. If we are unable to automatically import the recipe you can easily copy-and-paste from the recipe to the import window.
  3. When you’re ready to save the recipe to your Plan to Eat recipe book, click the “Save to my recipe book” button.

Note: If you are already using the old import bookmarklet, you’ll need to re-save the bookmarklet to your favorites/bookmarks bar. The good news is that this should be the last time you need to do this, even as we make updates on our end.

As always, let us know what you think!

  • Sadly, this is not working for me at all on sites where I have to copy-paste the recipe information. Most often, when I get the message that it cannot auto-import the recipe, the “ingredient” and “direction” entry boxes are missing – the only place to enter info is under “description”. The “Save to Recipe Book” button at the bottom is also missing, and the one at the top doesn’t work. The X to close the window only works sometimes; I usually have to reload the page to get rid of it and try again. And I can only copy-paste from the recipe page once; after I have clicked on the PTE popout, the original page becomes completely unclickable until I get rid of the popout somehow.

    I’m using Firefox 7.0.1 on a Windows XP SP3 OS. Until this is fixed, can we please have a link to the old bookmarklet as an option? I dearly wish I had tested the new one before deleting the old one…

    Lodrelhai October 12, 2011 AT 1:37 am
    • Does this happen on every recipe site? Can you give me an example of a site that isn’t working for you? When did it stop working, when you upgraded Firefox?

      Here is the old bookmark link Save Recipe (PTE) [old]

      Plan to Eat October 12, 2011 AT 12:25 pm
  • Do you have the code for the bookmarklet anywhere for us to access? I recently started using pinterest and was able to install their bookmarklet in my safari bookmarks on my iPhone. Now that I understand the process, I think I could do it with p2e, but I can’t find the longhand version of the code.

    5000things September 30, 2011 AT 9:19 pm
    • Is this what you are looking for?

      javascript:function irtpte(){var baseUrl=’//’,d=document,head=document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0],s=d.createElement(‘scr’+’ipt’),b=d.body,l=d.location;try{if(typeof myBookmark===’undefined’){s.type=’text/javascript';s.src=l.protocol+baseUrl+’/javascripts/pte-bookmarklet-import.min.js?’+new Date().getTime();b.appendChild(s);}else{;}}catch(e){location.href=l.protocol+baseUrl+’/recipes/new?website_link=’+encodeURIComponent(l.href);}};irtpte();void(0)

      Plan to Eat October 3, 2011 AT 8:48 am
  • I am trying to get recipes from but none are transferring over using the bookmarklet. I will have to copy and paste as well. Adding my voice to the chorus here… Please, please, it would be so awesome to have this fixed! And thank you for working on this, it’s greatly appreciated.

    April September 23, 2011 AT 12:15 pm
    • Hi April, I’m sorry but is not a site that we can automatically import from because of their recipes format. However with the bookmarklet it should take less than a minute to import any recipes you like.

      Plan to Eat September 24, 2011 AT 2:32 pm
  • Too bad I can’t seem to get any of my recipes from Atkins website to transfer over. So, copy and paste, I must… Please see if you can fix this… it would save TONS of my time.

    Becky August 23, 2011 AT 9:15 am
  • Trying to get the bookmarklet to save on the Safari Tool Bar. Can you help?

    dustie August 8, 2011 AT 3:49 pm
    • I hope I can help. I’m assuming you have tried to click and drag the bookmark to your bookmark bar? Are you able to drag other links to your bookmark bar? Are you dragging the bookmark from the blog post or the PTE website? At what point are you stuck?

      Plan to Eat August 8, 2011 AT 3:58 pm
  • I’m using Chrome. When I drag the link to my toolbar.. nothing happens. I would love to use this!!! Is there another way to go about it??

    Zindra July 31, 2011 AT 3:24 am
  • It worked – Thank You!

    Lollie July 29, 2011 AT 1:59 am
  • I have fixed the ingredient saving problem. Please try it again and let me know.

    Plan to Eat July 28, 2011 AT 11:14 am


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