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Join Roni for conversations about meal planning, food, and wellness to help you save time in the kitchen, reduce your grocery bill, stress less about food, and delight in dinnertime!
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podcast episode 85 - meal planning and leftovers
Riley is back for an episode all about leftovers! Whether you love them or love to hate them, we have so many tips and tricks for repurposing leftovers and finding ways to use up what you have. We offer advice on how to meal plan with leftovers in mind and Riley shares an interesting perspective on why some people dislike leftovers more than others.
podcast episode 84 - eco-friendly living with Pam Mercer of Greenily
Pam Mercer is the founder of Greenily – Your Family Only Greener. Pam shares helpful tips for updating your household routines and habits with eco-friendly products. She gives some simple swaps you can make in the kitchen and how to be more mindful of what you can recycle and what you can reuse. We also discuss how you can be more eco-friendly with what you buy at the grocery store to help reduce waste.
podcast episode 83 - alli powell, grocery budget with grocery getting girl
Alli Powell is the money-saving woman behind The Grocery Getting Girl! Alli and her husband started budgeting seriously in 2018 and she was able to cut her grocery bill in half with some budget-friendly planning. Alli joined me on the podcast to talk all about grocery budgeting and this episode is chock-full of tips! We cover how she found the time to start preparing food at home with two little kids and full-time jobs, how she price-shops different stores, and how she creates her budget meal plans.
podcast episode 82 - going vegan with maddie of let's eat plants
Maddie loves showcasing how to save time & eat healthier thanks to meal prep. Her YouTube videos share vegan recipes, meal prep ideas, and time-saving tips, and she even has a meal prep course for vegan beginners! In today's episode, I talked with Maddie about her experience going vegan and how she and her husband made that transition. We also got into a ton of meal prep and fresh produce tips! Maddie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to prepping food - you're going to learn a lot in this episode!
podcast episode 81 - stacy farley meal plannign and RV life
Stacy and Phil are the full-time RVers behind the YouTube channel, Today is Someday. Six years ago, they purchased an RV, sold their house, left their jobs, and drove off to explore the country! Stacy is an avid Plan to Eat customer and in this episode, we talk about how she meal plans and grocery shops while living in an RV. You'll learn some helpful tips from Stacy for any small-living situation, but also some great pantry clean-out ideas for any house size.
podcast episode 80 - sarah sailer and heirloom farms
Sarah is the founder of Plenty Heirloom Farms, an educational non-profit and neighborhood farm located in Loveland, Colorado. In this episode, Sarah shares so many helpful gardening tips for starting your garden and helping it flourish. We cover the gardening process from starting seeds yourself (and why you should consider not buying your plants from a garden center) to amending your soil at home. If you've ever thought you didn't have a "green thumb", Sarah's advice might make you feel otherwise.
podcast episode 79 - dr sarah kashdan on health fundamentals
Dr. Sarah Kashdan is a Naturopathic doctor in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her practice is unique in that she has degrees in both naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine/acupuncture. Sarah shares her journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor as well as her choice to follow a vegan lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis. We dive into her knowledge of natural medicine to talk about nervous system regulation, the foundations of good health, and how we can improve our fundamentals to feel our best.
podcast episode 78 - wild caught fish with Sena Wheeler
Sena Wheeler is part of a 5th generation fishing family and the co-founder of Sena Sea, which brings wild Alaskan seafood directly to consumers. In this episode, we talk about the Alaskan fishing trade and how it has evolved over the many generations Sena's family has been involved in fishing. She shares her professional opinions on wild-caught fish vs. farmed fish and we discuss her concerns about fish farming practices.
podcast episode 77 - jodie of healing journey services on mold toxicity, mast cell activation syndrome
Jodie is an anxiety expert on a mission to help women heal anxiety holistically so they can spend more time enjoying life and less time fearing it. In today's episode, Jodie shares her health and wellness journey from chronically ill to thriving! We talk about her struggle with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, mold toxicity, gut health, and anxiety. We talk about leaky gut and leaky brain and how those are connected.
podcast episode 76 - Christine Davis nutritional and lifestyle changes for better health
Christine is a registered dietitian who helps professional women lose weight, increase energy, and boost their confidence with sustainable life changes that impact body, mind, and soul. Christine shares how she became a dietitian as a result of her experience with anxiety and depression. She shares how she healed herself through food and gives some additional lifestyle changes we can all implement to improve our health.
podcast episode 75 - emmanuel laroche and international flavors
Emmanuel hosts the popular podcast “Flavors Unknown”, featuring a series of conversations with acclaimed and award-winning chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists. We talk about the influence of his family and French culture on his career path and love for food. He explained how immigration not only shapes America’s food landscape but also how food serves as a bridge between a chef's birth country and their adopted home.
podcast episode 74 - danielle daem root causes of sugar addiction
Dani Daem is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Sugar Freedom Expert, and Somatic Embodiment Coach with a deep passion for helping women ditch the shame and guilt around food. We talk about what inspired her to become a sugar freedom expert and the root causes of sugar addiction. We dive into topics such as self-confidence, what we believe about ourselves, and how to heal our bodies through internal work.
podcast episode 73 - nutrition habits with Luke Smidt
Luke Smidt is a husband, father to 2 boys, career firefighter, former traveling nurse, CrossFit coach for eight years, and CEO/head coach of MacroLiving Wellness. Luke is an avid Plan to Eat user and he joined me on the podcast to discuss how he meal plans and encourages his clients to create healthy habits around food and meal planning. His focus is on longevity and creating habits that will last a lifetime.
podcast episode 72 - how meal planning can evolve
Special guest and former Plan to Eat Podcast co-host, Riley, is back on today's episode! Riley is on the podcast to talk about how her meal planning has changed and evolved over the past year. We cover what it means to simplify a meal-planning habit, ways to make dinnertime less effortful, and why creating a meal-planning habit before life gets crazy is important.
podcast episode 71 - Dan Walter Regenerative Farming with Pastured Steps
A mechanical engineer turned regenerative farmer, Dan Walter has changed his career and lifestyle to raise healthy, nutritious food from his farm, Pastured Steps Family Farm. Dan talks about regenerative farming and how his farm practices regenerative techniques with their animals. We talk about the health and environmental impacts of this farming practice and why it's beneficial for both animals and humans.
podcast episode 70 - meal prep for moms and feeding teens with sally of real mom nutrition
Sally Kuzemchak is a registered dietitian and mom of two who believes that every mom can feel successful and confident about feeding her kids. Sally shares about the struggles many moms face when it comes to properly nourishing themselves. She gives tips to help moms find ways to nourish and care for themselves amidst busy schedules and caring for others. We also talk about her experience with raising teenagers and the issues that come up with food as kids get older.
Podcast episode 69 - Carly and Carmen Radiant Knowing Elevate women one meal at a time
A Nutritionist and Dietitian duo, Carmen and Carly help women unlock the clarity and confidence they need to nourish their bodies holistically and age-proof their health while creating a simple and sustainable plan for feeding their family. They love to help moms revolutionize their systems to get more organization and structure in their lives. We talk about the freedom of planning and how they have an incremental process for elevating women one meal at a time.
podcast episode 68 - resilient kids with Jessica Sherman
Jess Sherman helps kids experiencing moodiness, irritability, and anxiety feel better so life can settle down. Jess talks about what it means to help kids handle stress from the outside-in and the inside-out. We talk about some common triggers and manifestations of stress in children and how to help your child overcome them. Jess gives tips for managing the desire for sweets and how to break the "after-dinner dessert" cycle.
podcast episode 67 - Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp
Hannah Crum, aka “The Kombucha Mamma”, pioneered Kombucha Kamp, an educational workshop, in 2004 out of her small Los Angeles kitchen. In this episode, Hannah dives into the health and microbiome benefits of kombucha and why we should drink it regularly! She also demystifies the process of brewing your own kombucha at home, so you can get started making this potent health elixir yourself.
podcast episode 66 - gain baking confidence with self-taught baker, Matt Adlard
Matt Adlard is a self-taught baker and pastry chef from Norwich, England. Through his Bake It Better online baking school as well as his Instagram and TikTok videos, Matt shares the basics of baking, how to transition to advanced skills, and how to become a pro-level baker. I talked to Matt about his journey to becoming a pastry chef and how he gained confidence in his baking skills.
podcast episode 65 - kelly carter mindset and nutrition
Kelly Carter, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, shares that your mindset connects, not only with how you feel about yourself, but what you feed yourself. She talks about the power of a daily gratitude practice and its ability to improve your mindset and minimize your problems. Kelly gives tips for practicing gratitude and what she thinks are the two most impactful habits to promote health.
podcast episode 64 - nourishing traditions with Monica Corrado
Monica Corrado is a teaching chef, speaker, author, and consultant. In this episode, Monica details the Nourishing Traditions diet, what principles it follows, and how it got started. This episode is full of tips for how to get started and the benefits you might see by following a Nourishing Traditions way of eating.
podcast episode 63 - Being a Modern Pioneer with Mary's Nest
This interview dives into how Mary started her Youtube channel, what it means to be a Modern Pioneer, and how she became a cookbook author. Mary gives great tips for starting a traditional foods kitchen - it's as easy as starting with a roast chicken - and how making traditional foods will help you save money and waste less.
podcast episode 62 - chef mareya ibrahim, fit and fab over 40
Mareya Ibrahim is The Fit Foodie - a nutritionist, clean-eating chef, published author, podcast host, and the founder of Mareya joined me on the podcast to talk about how she helps women navigate their food and fitness as they enter into peri- and menopause stages of life. We also talked about her company and her book, Eat Like You Give A Fork.
podcast episode 61 - food blogging and whole30 with Erin of the wooden skillet
Today's interview is with Erin Jensen of The Wooden Skillet, a food blog dedicated to healthy-ish food. Erin has a great story about transitioning from an attorney to a full-time food blogger, photographer, content creator, and small business owner. She gives some tips on how to transition into eating more whole foods and shares her meal-planning routine.
podcast episode 60 - a surprising twist on summer food
Join us this week for a new take on summer food - using the freezer! While it's not often thought of as a tool for summertime food, we make a case for freezer meals to help on busy summer nights or when you don't want to do much cooking. We talk about what freezes well, how we decide if a recipe can be frozen, and give a full list of freezer meals for you to try!
podcast episode 59 - dr kristin saxena and her upcoming book, the happier meal
Dr. Kristin Saxena is a pediatrician, mom, and host of a podcast called Feeding the Family with Dr. Kristin. Her book, “The Happier Meal: How to Enjoy Your Food and Your Kid" is coming out Summer 2023! Kristin is focused on helping families eat more meals together and experience the lasting effects of connection and bonding over food. It's less about what is served and more about the time spent together!
podcast episode 58 - home organization with amy berryhill of spiffy chicks
Amy Berryhill started Spiffy Chicks in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 when the organizing profession was still in its infancy. Amy’s mission is to help people relieve stress and experience the joy that results from living in a beautiful and functional space that supports their lifestyle.
podcast episode 57 - RV life, food, and meal planning with dan and sam mathews
Samantha and Dan Mathews are podcast hosts, content creators, and parents of two! They travel full-time in their RV while homeschooling and working from the road. We got to chat with these two about how they meal plan and shop for living on the road. We cover what makes meals easier for them, what challenges they face, and how they source a lot of their food.
podcast episode 56 - Plant forward nutrition with hannah van ark
We are happy to have Hannah Van Ark on the podcast this week! Hannah is a registered dietitian dedicated to helping people thrive by eating more plants. This episode is focused on meal planning with a plant-forward approach. Hannah gives lots of tips for how to add more plants to your meals and why this dietary change is great for a lot of people.
podcast episode 55 - low-waste chef max la manna
Today's interview is with social media influencer and low-waste chef, Max La Manna. His cookbook, You Can Cook This! is a solutions-based guide, with practical ideas for using up the whole vegetable, transforming leftovers, and storing food to maximize freshness. In this episode, we talk about his new cookbook, what led him to write it, and tips for reducing food waste at home.
podcast episode 54 - funny food holidays meal planning inspiration
This week we are getting creative with our meal-planning inspiration! We're looking to funny (most of the time made-up) food holidays to try new recipes, get our families involved in the kitchen, and maybe learn some trivia. We had a lot of fun researching and recording this episode and we hope it gives you a new and creative way to build a meal plan.
podcast episode 53 - intuitive eating an anti-diet culture with lisa dahl
This week, we are joined by Lisa Dahl, a Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and Body Image. She is a former caterer and an expert at meal planning. We got to chat with Lisa all about her health at every size approach to nutrition and coaching and how she helps her clients unpack their long-held beliefs about food and dieting.
podcast episode 52 - lei shishak plant-based eating
In this episode, we are joined by chef and author, Lei Shishak! We talk with Lei about her transition from the New York finance world to culinary school, to owning her own bakery, to becoming an author. She also shares some of her tips for starting a plant-based diet and tips when cooking for two.
podcast episode 51 - elle gadient niman ranch farmer advocate
We are joined by Elle Gadient, the Niman Ranch Farmer Advocate. We chat with Elle about what makes Niman Ranch special as an organization and how a company like Niman supports small farmers and local economies. Elle shares that she was a vegetarian in college, even though she now works in the meat industry, and what that means for her choice in meat consumption.
podcast episode 50 - Meera Keshav
This week we're joined by professional chef, Meera Keshav! Meera gives us some great tips on how to make restaurant-quality meals at home including advice about salt and recipe substitutions. She shares her go-to kitchen tool and how it can help make everything from minced garlic to decadent sauces.
podcast episode 49 - keep goals going
It's February and if your goals or New Year's Resolutions have already started to slide, we have some tips to help you get back on track! From scheduling reminders to breaking your goal into bite-sized pieces, tune in for how Riley and Roni motivate themselves for habit change.
feature friday - queue
In this quick episode, we explain how we use the Queue in our Plan to Eat accounts and how you could utilize it too!
podcast episode 48 - eat well exchange
EatWell Exchange is a nonprofit that teaches communities of the African diaspora how to eat their cultural foods in a healthier way. Providing gardening and culinary classes, and nutrition education to demonstrate how our foods can be healthy and still taste good.
podcast episode 47 - why meal plan in the new years
Join Riley and Roni for an episode on why we think meal planning needs to be on your 2023 to-do list! From healthier eating to saving money to spending more time with your family, meal planning can help you in multiple areas of your life!
podcast episode 46 - 2022 recap
It's our last podcast episode of 2022! Let's go over some end-of-year stats and recap what happened for Plan to Eat in the past year. Thank you for listening this year! We appreciate you!
podcast episode 45 - new years prep goals and resolutions
Since we're approaching 2023, we're diving into New Year's resolutions and goals this week. Riley and Roni give you their tips for figuring out what your goals for the new year could be and why it's important to reflect on the past year. We also talk about meal planning, of course, and why you might consider it for your 2023 New Year's resolution.
podcast episode 44 - create my cookbook
Christina has worked with CreateMyCookbook since 2018 and is now the Director of Growth, managing the activities that ensure its customers are able to preserve their family recipes and memories. Our conversation with Christina centered around preserving family recipes as a way to preserve family memories.
podcast episode 43 - Ange HolFit
Ange Peters is the founder and CEO of HOL:FIT, a founder with doTERRA, and a holistic health and business coach. She is an avid teacher of bold self & health leadership and loves learning and teaching ways to simplify life and remove distractions. We had a fabulous conversation with Ange about valuing our time, setting boundaries, and slowing down.
podcast episode 42 - gila dar craft chocolate
Join us this week to learn about the craft of making bean-to-bar chocolate with Gila of DAR Chocolate. A Colorado-based chocolate-making company, on a mission to connect artists and art lovers through artisan chocolate.
podcast episode 41 - gift guide
Join us for an interview with MacKenzie Koppa to talk about thoughtful gift giving followed by an overview of Plan to Eat's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! We hope you enjoy the Holiday season!
podcast episode 40 - david mcmenomey of BeDadStrong
David is the founder of, a movement that is calling out dads all over the world to be their best for their families. In this episode, we chat with David about how life changes when your family grows and how creating family time at the dinner table can be a transformative experience for everyone.
Linda Feller is the party lover behind Sip + Sanity, a food blog focused on recipes for entertaining. Sharing laughs over a good meal has always been a constant, no matter the path life has taken. She launched Sip + Sanity to share her love and passion for cooking and entertaining at home with everyone looking for a reason to celebrate!
podcast episode 38 - Erin YNAB
Erin Lowell is the Education Manager for You Need a Budget, a budgeting app and website. Our conversation with Erin covers the 4 rules of the YNAB system of budgeting, meal planning, cooking and meal planning for one, budgeting tips for the grocery store, and tons of practical advice.
podcast episode 37 - debbie #3
Debbie Brosnan is back on the podcast because she is publishing a cookbook! We always love talking to her about food and cooking and this episode is no exception. She tells us about the process of creating a cookbook from recipe edits to self-publishing.
We interviewed Anna Reid, our long-time blog contributor! Anna is a self-taught baker whose baking experience goes back to her childhood. She started a blog called The Little Blue Mixer and grew her knowledge one recipe at a time.
podcast episode 35 fall seasonal foods
Join us as we talk about our favorite Fall seasonal foods. This episode is jam-packed with recipes and interesting insights into some seasonal produce. Have you heard of a quince? Did you know seasonal eating could help combat allergies? Listen to learn more and find out our stance on pumpkin spice products.
podcast episode 34 - tova interview
We are honored to bring you this interview with Tova Levine, the founder of Tovla Jr. As a busy mom of five fun-loving kids, she's passionate about empowering kids and has found the kitchen to be the perfect place for it. After seeing the positive effects kitchen skills had on her children, she knew it was something she wanted to share with the world.
podcast episode 33 - no recipe cooking
Join us this week for a review from Riley on The New York Time Cooking: No-Recipe Recipes cookbook! Find out who would enjoy this cookbook, the pitfalls of no-recipe cooking, and see if this book is right for you!
podcast episode 32 - customer tips 2
We're excited to share part two of our customer meal planning tips! In this episode, we talk about batch cooking, meal prep, and planning around what you already have at home. We also share a few miscellaneous tips including a fun way to use your leftovers and best practices for meal-prepping veggies.
podcast episode 31 - customer tips
We asked and you delivered! We recently asked our customers for their best meal planning advice and we received so many good tips! Join us for a two-part series where we share and discuss your meal planning tips!
podcast episode 30.- jeani hunt
Join us for an interview with Jeani Hunt, a Registered Dietitian, and Plan to Eat customer! Jeani Hunt, MS, RD, CD works with women to take control of PCOS, infertility, and endometriosis at VeggieLush Nutrition. She loves working with women and people with uteruses who struggle with symptoms and are looking for an evidence-based approach to treatment.
Rosemarie teaches people how to get the best results with the least amount of effort and specializes in the toughest cases of chronic disorganization. We got to hear about Rosemarie's life transformation from disorganized and in debt to a successful blogger and business owner! Learn about some of her methods for simplifying your life through automation, 15-minute convenience meals, and incentivizing your budget.
podcast episode 28 - back in the habit
If you've fallen off the meal planning wagon, we're here to help you get back on! Join us for a conversation full of advice for getting back in the habit of meal planning. We talk about the benefits of meal planning, why we've fallen out of the habit, and so many tips for making the planning process simpler.
podcast episode 27 - orion aon interview
In 2015, Orion started Forage Colorado where he shares his passion for edible wild plants and mushrooms, writes educational content, and offers private foraging classes. We chatted with Orion about being a self-taught forager, how he became interested in foraging, and some common misconceptions about wild food. We end the conversation with some common "weeds" that are actually edible plants!
podcast episode 26 - amylee udell
Learn how to "anchor" your meal planning in this episode! We learned so much from Amylee about the different ways to meal plan and what can serve as your anchor. Amylee blogs as The Productive Mama, where she seeks to help moms balance their busy lives, by providing tools and strategies for saving and earning money, parenting, staying organized and mostly by helping provide nourishing food without driving anyone crazy.
podcast episode 25 - lakita anderson interview
Join us for an interview with food blogger LaKita Anderson of Her food blog shares simple weekly recipes with a modern twist on comfort food. She began blogging as a way to share her family recipes and love of food photography. What began as a creative hobby, developed into a small business and she was able to grow her creative passion into a full-time career.
podcast episode 24 - saving time and meal prep
Join us for this episode on saving time in the kitchen and tips for meal prepping. Saving time is often about planning ahead, which mean you’re doing your future self a favor! Some of these tips are for super quick and efficient meals with little prep and others will simply help you make meal prepping simpler.
podcast episode 23 - Interview with Monica Corrado
Monica has taught people why and how to cook nourishing, traditional food all over the globe. Monica has authored six books so far, her most recent The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet! We got to chat with Monica about how and why she started her real food journey, what the GAPS diet involves, and why someone might try this style of eating.
podcast episode 22 - interview with Nicole Prom
Join us this week for an in-depth conversation with Nicole Prom about Hashimoto's Disease, an autoimmune disorder, and the Autoimmune Protocol diet. Nicole has a Masters of Science and Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology. She was a school psychologist for 7 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She now has three boys, including identical twins!
podcast episode 21 - cleaning food storage
Join us for a conversation about organizing your food storage! We went through our own cupboards to clean out and organize the dry goods we keep on hand. We documented our processes and share them with you (and each other) in this episode. We hope you're inspired to do a little cupboard clean out of your own!
Our first customer Q&A is all about kids eating habits with special guest Katie Kimball! In this Q&A Katie gives us her "toolbox terms" for getting kids to try foods they claim to hate. We learn how your toddler's highchair could be contributing to their eating behavior. She explains the difference between how a child and adult's tastebuds handle sugar and so much more!
podcast episode 19 with debbie brosnan
Today we have her back to talk about how she manages to feed and parent three teenagers. Spoiler Alert: it's not easy! We hope this conversation with Debbie gives you tips to try with your older children and some comfort knowing you're not the only one going through the hard phases of parenting!
podcast episode 18 - summer seasonal food
It's Summer and we're excited to talk about all the yummy in-season produce! Join us this week as we give you a rundown of what's in season during the Summer months. We get nerdy on cherries and eggplant, Roni teaches you how to choose the perfect melon, and Riley explains how you can re-grow your produce indoors!
podcast episode 17 interview with Katie Kimball
Katie Kimball is a cookbook author, Certified Stress Mastery Educator, two-time TEDx speaker. We talked with Katie about starting her businesses, her Tedx Talks about picky eating and developing critical thinking skills in kids, and how she helps families make small changes that have big impacts on their eating habits.
podcast episode 16 - carolyn ketchum
Carolyn Ketchum is the evil mastermind behind the popular keto blog All Day I Dream About Food and the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking. A major carnivore and an unrepentant sweet tooth, she is devoted to creating innovative and delicious low carb recipes that don't sacrifice on flavor.
feature friday, the staples list
Get to know what the Staples List is and how Riley and Roni use it for their weekly shopping lists.
podcast episode 15 meal planning on a budget
This episode is full of tips they found helpful for saving money on groceries, but a highlight of their meal plans was intentionality. The simple act of planning recipes with a purpose did a lot to help them stick to a budget.
podcast episode 14: interview with Abigail ONeel
This week Riley and Roni interview a real Plan to Eat customer, Abigail O'Neel. She's used Plan to Eat for over three years, ever since her mother gifted her a subscription. We chat about her meal planning process, our favorite Plan to Eat features, and tips and tricks for overcoming meal planning challenges!
podcast episode 13, meal planning basics
We're breaking down the basics of meal planning! This week, Riley and Roni go over the steps to create a successful meal plan, why meal planning is important at all, and some practical tips for how to plan ahead. We love talking about planning and this episode is full of advice for beginners and expert meal planners alike
feature friday, the cooking view
This Feature Friday is focused on the Cooking View in Plan to Eat! Take your Plan to Eat recipes into the kitchen on your tablet, laptop, or phone using the Cooking View.
podcast episode 12 - interview with Joy Manning
This week, Riley and Roni are joined by Joy Manning, a food journalist and Edible Magazine editor, to go over what's coming into season in the Spring. Per usual, we share tons of recipes and Joy gives us some great tips for making simple meals with fresh produce.
feature friday podcast - the freezer
This robust feature is great for batch cooking and freezing meals for the future. We give you a rundown of how the feature works and demystify aspects we commonly get questions about.
podcast episode 11 food journeys
Roni and Riley get personal this week and share their experiences with food and meal planning. This episode covers everything from how they ate as kids, when they learned to cook, to their current relationships with food. We hope this episode inspires you to reflect on your own journey with food, what has worked and what hasn't, and how that affects your meal planning.
podcast episode 10 with crystal melanson
Join us for an interview with Crystal Melanson, a board certified holistic practitioner and nutritionist! We talk about her approach to functional health, how to get your family onboard with dietary changes, and food as preventative healthcare.
podcast episode 9 with debbie brosnan of the effortless kitchen
Debbie is a passionate self taught home cook who began her journey cooking alongside her mother and grandmother as a young child. Her focus is on healthy food that tastes amazing using simple recipes. We chatted with Debbie about her business, how she got started as an entrepreneur, making cooking simple, getting your kids in the kitchen, and so much more!
podcast episode 8 - winter seasonal eating
Eating seasonally means eating the fruits and vegetables that naturally grow in abundance during specific times or seasons of the year. We chat about why it's important to eat seasonally, how to eat seasonally in the winter, and what foods are actually in season during the winter months.
podcast episode 7 recap of 2021
Take a look back at 2021 with Riley and Roni this week! Here are links to ALL the blogs and topics we covered in this episode. We can't wait for a full year of podcasting in 2022. Thank you for listening!
podcast episode 5 with mackenzie koppa
Join Riley and Roni for an interview with MacKenzie Koppa all about getting ready for new goals and habits in the New Year! MacKenzie shares her favorite books, apps, and planning tools to make her New Year's planning simple.
podcast episode 5 with hannah drake
In this episode, we interview Hannah Drake, an American living in England, about how holiday traditions are different, and the same, in the two countries. Join us for a fun conversation about Christmas markets, a hot chocolate bar, and British traditions!
In this episode, Riley and Roni explore ways they save money on groceries from bulk shopping to using coupons. If you're looking for ways to cut back on your grocery bill, this episode is for you!
podcast episode 3 - with clint bounds
It was a privilege to interview our boss, the owner and founder of Plan to Eat, Clint Bounds. We travel back in time with him to learn about what he did before Plan to Eat, why he created the program, and how it has grown since! He shares some great advice for entrepreneurs and those looking to find the "magic" in their work.
podcast episode 2 - meal planning
If you're not sure what meal planning involves, this episode is for you! We offer meal planning tips for any type of planner and give an overview of the Cook, Plan, and Shop sections of Plan to Eat. Plus, we highlight a few features and help you understand what it's like to meal plan with Plan to Eat.
podcast episode 1 - welcome to the podcast
In this episode, Riley and Roni introduce you to the meal planning app, Plan to Eat, and interview each other! Learn why Plan to Eat was started and how the two of them came to work at the company.