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Celebrating One Year of The Plan to Eat Podcast!

We’ve been serving up podcast episodes for a year already! The podcast has been such a joy to work on and we’re grateful for every listen, download, and kind email. Thank you for making the past year so much fun!

Since this week is the one-year anniversary of the podcast, we wanted to share some of our most popular episodes. Please enjoy!

Here’s to another year of episodes! 

#2: What the Heck is Meal Planning?

If you’re not sure what meal planning involves, this episode is for you! We offer meal planning tips for any type of planner and give an overview of the Cook, Plan, and Shop sections of Plan to Eat. Plus, we highlight a few features and help you understand what it’s like to meal plan with Plan to Eat.

#3: Interview with Clint Bounds, Founder of Plan to Eat

Join us for our very first interview! It was a privilege to interview our boss, the owner and founder of Plan to Eat, Clint Bounds. We travel back in time with him to learn about what he did before Plan to Eat, why he created the program, and how it has grown since! He shares some great advice for entrepreneurs and those looking to find the “magic” in their work. 

#26: Anchoring Your Meal Plan with Amylee Udell

Learn how to “anchor” your meal planning in this episode! Amylee blogs as The Productive Mama, where she seeks to help moms balance their busy lives, by providing tools and strategies for saving and earning money, parenting, staying organized and mostly by helping provide nourishing food without driving anyone crazy.

#28: Get Back in the Habit of Meal Planning

If you’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon, we’re here to help you get back on! Join us for a conversation full of advice for getting back in the habit of meal planning.  We talk about the benefits of meal planning, why we’ve fallen out of the habit, and so many tips for making the planning process simpler. 

P.S. This week’s episode features a special interview with Debbie Brosnan about her new cookbook. You can now buy her self-published cookbook on Amazon. Go check it out!

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