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Beans, the Unsung Meal Plan Hero

Looking to mix things up with your meal plan this summer? Then why not add some beans! Yes, you heard me right, I said beans. Beans can be a surprisingly tasty and satisfying addition to any meal. Plus they’re budget-friendly and can easily feed a crowd! Hello picnics and BBQ parties! Need some bean-spiration? We’ve got you!

Bean-spiration #1

Talk about simple nutrition! Beans are indeed a “magical fruit!” They’re loaded with protein, fiber and plenty of other nutrients to fuel your summer fun. It makes sense to include more of them on your meal plan for those reasons alone!

Bean-spiration #2

What do you do with them? Just about anything! Turn them into bean burgers , throw them on salads, add them to salsas, smash them on your avocado toast, roast them or toss them into a summer soup.

Bean-spiration #3

Buying meat can get expensive and if you’re looking to take some small steps at protecting our environment, it makes sense to cut back. Beans are an excellent, inexpensive alternative to meat. And you can find them EVERYWHERE! Dry, canned and pre-cooked, eating beans has never been easier!

Bean-spiration #4

Making beans from scratch will change your world. We promise. Yes, beans from a can are convenient, but they lack serious flavor. When you cook beans from dry, you’ll experience them in a whole new way because while cooking, they’ll absorb loads of flavor from all of those aromatics in the cooking liquid. That’s why the beans at your favorite restaurant taste so good. Try making these black beans from scratch and see what we mean!

Bean-spiration #5

Add “umpf” to sandwiches, burgers and wraps! Looking to make your lunch or dinner a little more satisfying? Add some smashed or pureed beans. Bean dips and spreads are a fun option and can easily replace other common condiments. There are plenty of pre-made, delicious varieties out there. If you’ve got time, make your own! We love homemade hummus on everything from veggie wraps to egg breakfast sandwiches!

What are your favorite recipes where bean are the star ingredient? Share them in the comments below!

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