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Plan to Eat Helps Meals on Wheels Volunteers Plan Meals

Plan to Eat was approached by the Lititz Pennsylvania Meals on Wheels to see if we could help them organize their recipes, coordinate their menu plan, and make shopping lists. Yes we can help with that — that’s what we do!

Though Plan to Eat is designed for households it can easily scale to accommodate larger meal planning needs. Here is how Barb Flosdorf, Lititz Meals on Wheels volunteer, describes the challenge:

“Our organization was founded in 1973 with a mission to serve home-bound individuals who are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. With the help of approximately 70 volunteers a week, we are able to provide two meals per day (hot supper and a cold bag lunch) for approximately 60 clients. The hot meal consists of a protein, vegetable and starch. The cold bag meal includes a sandwich, salad, fruit, dessert, snack and milk. Because we operate using 100% volunteer labor and through generous donations, we are currently able to provide this service for only $4.00 per day.

Previously, all of our recipes were handwritten and filed in boxes. It was a weekly chore for the meal planners to attach the needed recipe cards to each daily meal plan and then manually extrapolate the needed ingredients from each recipe card so they can make a shopping list for our shoppers. After that chore was complete, the master shopping list had to be sorted into different lists for various stores and food vendors. Our shoppers then had to physically pick up the shopping list at our kitchen before they began their work.

About a year ago we began looking at ways to improve our process. I Googled “web-based menu planner” and voilà, I found Plan to Eat! Our project of integrating our menu planning, recipe management and generating shopping lists had taken on a new life.

Plan to Eat has been exceptionally helpful and responsive to my questions. I feel like I have a partner who is invested in the success of this project. That, in itself, speaks volumes about this product!”

We are grateful to have been a small part of the Lititz Meals on Wheels team and we want to do more. If you know of a non-profit group doing amazing work in your community that would benefit from Plan to Eat, have them contact us for a free lifetime account: [email protected]. We would love to be a part of their work too.


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