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Where do you get your recipes?

A few weeks ago we posted a question on Facebook asking where you get your recipe inspiration. It was fun digging through the blogs that are new to us. Below is a handful of ideas that you sent in.

But we’d still like to know – where do you get your best recipes? What blogs make you want to get in the kitchen? Leave a note below and let us know about it.

Here’s a little inspiration sent in from the last time we asked (with a little 4th of July emphasis): 


A Bachelor and His Grill

“Through this blog, I hope to make you smile once in a while, never taking the content too seriously.  I will share some of my very favorite recipes, how to simply create these dishes – all with intent of progressing the most amateur of cooks into more confident & successful wielders of the flame, while transforming avid home-based chefs from self-proclaimed virtuoso towards status of neighborhood legend.  Along the way I’ll offer a few tales of my journey in culinary debauchery (the good, bad & ugly (we’ve all been there & everyone starts from scratch)) – helping you not only develop the skill set to create incredibly delicious fare, but providing a smidgen of inspiration for that place where real cooking happens – with family, friends & those you love the most.”


Blue Bonnets and Brownies

“What do I hope for Bluebonnets & Brownies? That I can teach someone to cook something they love. Or that I can teach someone about Hispanic and Texan culture. I am not Hispanic, but grew up immersed in the culture, and love it as if I were born to it.

Texas is a country unto itself: in fact, did you know it was not a state, but an independent republic, from 1836 to 1845? The cultures found there are as unique as its residents. I grew up immersed in that, and I will be forever be thankful.”



Chocolate Covered Katie

“This healthy dessert blog is for anyone who would like to be healthy but refuses to give up eating dessert in the name of health. Happiness and health go hand in hand, and how can you be happy if you’re not eating what you truly desire? My favorite food is chocolate, and I eat it at least once a day. I’ve never been happier. Or healthier.”



Iowa Girl Eats

“On this blog you’ll find easy recipes, healthy recipes, family-friendly recipes, and in-season recipes. As of February 2014, all recipes posted are gluten-free due to my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Most nights you’ll find me in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal for my husband, baby, and me – always leaving room for dessert, of course!”



Lick the Bowl Good

“I started this blog in November of 2007 because I liked baking and I wanted to share recipes with my family and friends. It’s become a passion of mine and I’ve made some wonderful friends over the years. I look forward to trying new and different butter and sugar laden recipes. My favorites include anything with blueberries, strawberries, lemon, chocolate, cinnamon & cream cheese. And CAKE. I love cake!”


Tell us, where do you get your best recipes? Leave a note below and we’ll share it with the Plan to Eat community.


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