Okay, so the actual name of this recipe was “Fruit, Nut, or Berry (or Whatever You Want Them to be) Whole-Wheat Muffins”. But that seemed kinda long. Especially considering that I would have added “…or Bread” at the end, because this recipe makes an equally tasty loaf if you’re feeling too lazy to make muffins. So I shortened it to the shockingly nondescript title you see above.

But to convince you that this recipe is anything but boring, here is a teaser photo:


Yum, right?

This recipe holds the #27 spot on the list of most-imported recipes to Plan to Eat accounts. 200 of you have imported it and (presumably) baked it. For those of you who haven’t, you can find it on the 100 Days of Real Food blog, right here.

The first time we made these, it was for breakfast. The Sweetie Pie wanted to get creative with sliced pears in the middle. They went into the oven looking like this:


When he took them out of the oven, the tips of the pears were still sticking up. I squashed them down, added raisins, and created monster muffins. The kids were delighted with my attempt at Saturday morning humor.


I know it’s just another muffin recipe. Maybe that’s not exciting for you. I kinda thought so, too. The thing about this recipe is that it’s a formula, a master recipe that can be tweaked in a thousand different ways to fit whatever meal you’re having and whatever fruit or nut is in season. Since that first time we’ve tried it with nectarines, with strawberries, and with apples. All delicious. And after harvesting ten pounds of rhubarb from the garden a few weeks ago, I used the exact same recipe in a 12″ loaf pan to make a rhubarb bread for dessert.


I love this recipe for its whole wheat flour and for its natural sweetener. I love it for the flexibility of ingredients. I love that it can be breakfast, snack, or dessert. And it’s not just I who love this recipe, the rest of the family seems to agree with me.



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