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The Plan to Eat Top 100(ish): Quinoa and Black Beans

Have you ever noticed, when you’re using the search and import feature in your Plan to Eat account, there will sometimes be a footnote next to a recipe that says, “Imported by xx other people”? Sometimes you’ll find one that was imported by dozens of other people, and you can be pretty sure you have a winner.

I started wondering, what are the most imported recipes by Plan to Eat users? Through some technological wizardry that I don’t understand, the Plan to Eat Programming Guru (also known as Clint) has provided me with a list of the top 100(ish) recipe imports. I’m fairly certain they’re all delicious. So occasionally I’ll be cooking up something from that list, and sharing it here. We begin with this tasty little vegetarian number coming in at spot #24 with 200 imports from

I’ve decided that it’s impossible to photograph quinoa in a home kitchen in a way that looks delicious. It always looks grey and mushy. Anyway, you should know that this recipe was much tastier than that photo might lead you to believe. And it was a cinch to pull together. Everyone at the table loved it, even the Bean who (ironically) detests beans. This vegan dish is tasty how it is. But if you are a die-hard meat eater and must add some animal protein, I recommend some shredded chicken.

The fun of this dish is its adaptability. You can mix in mango, avocado, or chopped tomatoes. You can serve it over lettuce and turn it into a filling, main course salad. We stuffed it into pita bread and topped it with salsa and sour cream. It’s going to make an excellent salad dish for all those upcoming summer potlucks. I recommend keeping it close for the summer. You’ll want to make it again and again.

Visit for the complete Quinoa and Black Beans recipe.

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