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The Plan to Eat Top 100(ish): Man-Pleasing Chicken

As I was working my way through the top recipes imported into Plan to Eat accounts, I was so tickled to find one that I could eat! I’m still eating 100% Paleo, and about 98% Autoimmune Protocol. Searching for a recipe that I can eat is a bit like searching for the perfect coffee table. You find something that’s the right color, but it’s too deep. Or it’s the right height, but the legs are the wrong shape. So finding this recipe, in all of its AIP Paleo glory, was a bit like finding that perfect coffee table…in a thrift store…when you weren’t even looking for it.

The other best thing about this recipe, apart from the fact that I can eat it, is that it’s so stinking easy. You won’t believe it. Mix together your sauce, pour it over the chicken, and pop it into the oven. You can prepare your salad or sauteed broccoli or what-have-you while it bakes. If you’re making this Paleo, you’ll want to check your mustard for sugar and gluten, and you’ll want to swap out the rice wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar. I used bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs because that’s what I tend to buy. But I’m sure the sauce would be tasty with just about any other cut of chicken (or perhaps even pork? Yum!)

And the results? Really, really good. Even though I overcooked it because I was distracted by making dinner for the rest of the family, it was still fabulous (the mark of a truly excellent dish, in my opinion). The flavor is completely disproportionate to the number of ingredients and the amount of effort.

Dinner that fits my diet, can be assembled in less than five minutes, and still tastes delicious? It’s going straight into my Plan to Eat account. Over 200 of you found it before I did at the blog Witty in the City. She credits The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook by Cherie Mercer Twohy for the original recipe.

Visit Witty in the City for the complete Man-Pleasing Chicken recipe.

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