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Good-bye, and Hello!

Did you notice that when I started this whole family table series of posts that I was very non-committal about how long I’d be posting about it? Yeah, I’m kinda sneaky that way. I’m also kinda distractible that way. I wasn’t sure how successful I’d be, or how long the experiment would hold my attention.

After a few months, though, I think I can confidently declare that my attempts to re-gather my flock around the table have been successful. I have noticed two things lately: 1. the children look at the food on the table and see that we are all seated together and ask “Is it Family Table Night?” on nights that it isn’t officially Family Table Night; and 2. the Sweet Pea will ask me, at least once a week, with a hopeful glint in her eye, “Are we having Family Table tonight?” These two things tell me that not only was I successful in making our family table into a regular occurrence, but I also succeeded in getting my family to like it. This spells success in my book. 

I think our family table is here to stay. I know there will be seasons where busy-ness resumes and we are flung far and wide again (spring soccer is just around the corner), but I at least feel like we have something to return to once the season passes; an anchor with a line that we can retrace back to the table.

So even though the family table will continue in our home, it won’t continue here on the blog. The time has come to move on to new areas of discovery. I’ve been distracted. By what, you ask?


That, my friends, is my recipe stash. For over 10 years I’ve pulled recipes out of magazines, clipped them out of newspapers, and photocopied them from library cookbooks. Since I began my diet restrictions in earnest, and since my meal planning has moved to an online format (thanks Plan to Eat!) I just don’t cook from it much anymore.

But look at that stash! There is so much good stuff in there (note the bulging “Desserts” file). And as if that wasn’t enough, I also have a binder full of recipes clipped by my grandmothers.

I might not try out the Cool-Whip topped Jell-o “salad”, but Sweet and Tart Sauteed Cabbage certainly has potential, yes?

And so, I’m saying hello to my recipe stash again. I’m making a determined effort to cook through a good portion of it. And (here’s the kicker) I’m committing to entering those winning recipes into my Plan to Eat account so that we can enjoy them again and again.

I’ll be here on Wednesdays to share the week’s winning recipe, and I’ll have it all formatted for you to import into your Plan to Eat account (you’re welcome!) Maybe it will motivate you to tackle your own stash of magazine articles and newspaper clippings. Surely I’m not alone in my recipe hoarding habit? Surely. Right??

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