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Editing Items on Your Shopping List (Including Quantities)

We just launched a new feature that makes it super easy to edit items on your shopping list and pantry (and staples list).

To edit any item on your shopping list, hover over the item and then click the little pencil icon to the left. The dialog window that pops up (shown below) will let you edit one item or multiple items that have been joined based on the title and category.

Edit Shopping List Items Dialog

The editing dialog will look different based on how we group items by the ingredient name and unit. For example, quantities are grouped by similar units. So if you’re editing grouped items that share the same unit you only need to edit the quantity (amount and unit) in one place, but if you are editing items that include multiple units you need to edit each set grouped by similar units. This process is pretty straightforward, but will take a little practice to get used to. Another benefit of this new dialog is that you can not only edit, but see the individual items being combined on your shopping list.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you change the quantity for an item that is connected to a recipe on your planner, we add a new item that either adds or subtracts from the original group of items. This solution allows you to change the combined amount on your shopping list without changing the shopping list items associated with your planned recipes. While this solution can be helpful, it can also cause confusion if you are trying to overwrite all of the combined items with new information. If that is your goal, you will need to remove the items you don’t want using the trashcan icons. We may add an “overwrite” option down the road as well. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Updating Associated Recipes (oldie but goodie)

If you edit the title or grocery category you can also choose to update all of your recipes using the same ingredient. This can be helpful when you are wanting to make ingredient corrections to multiple recipes at one time (like spelling, category changes or even merging similar ingredients on your shopping list).

And a few other updates…

  • The shopping list should load faster (and will get even faster in the coming days).
  • Added the recipe key to the mobile shopping list!
  • Added (back) shopping list items highlighting while hovering over recipes on the weekly planner.
  • Added notes and quantities to the pantry
  • Fixed a few bugs:
    • Quantities on the shopping list were multiplying in some cases instead of adding.
    • Some combined items on the mobile shopping list would not check off properly!
    • Couldn’t drag recipes after opening the the weekly planner for the first time…
  • When adding items to the shopping list, it will not move similar ingredients from your pantry to your list. So you can now have the same item on your list, and in your pantry.
  • Updated the add shopping list items dialog. Did you know that you could add items directly to your pantry?
  • And a few other things that you may or may not notice…

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