Pork Kabobs

We really enjoyed tonight’s meal from our cook-along through Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, Jamie’s Food Revolution:

As I started this recipe I realized that I did not have the skewers to make true kabobs. I decided to cook the meat and the vegetables separately and leave my pork in loin chops as I bought it. I seasoned both the meat and the vegetables with the same ingredients and then cooked them in different cast iron frying pans. The whole meal was really delicious and I am usually not a fan of pork. Jamie uses rosemary in many recipes and it compliments the pork and the mushrooms really well in this one. I am looking forward to trying this again when I can put it on sticks and cook it outside on a grill.

We would love to know what you think of this recipe or any of the recipes you cook from this weeks meal plan. Leave us a comment about your cooking experience before 8pm eastern on Sunday, March 27 and you will be entered in this weeks giveaway.

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