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Pork Chops, Potatoes and Cucumbers

Evolution Cucumber Salad (1)

Here are the recipes for tonight’s meal as we cook through Jamie’s Food Revolution together:

Pan Fried Glazed Pork Chops
I was a bit baffled at Jamie’s direction on these pork chops.  He said to trim the skin off the edge of each chop and then fry it. Maybe we get different cuts here than they do in the UK, because I have never seen a pork chop with skin still on it.  I don’t think I would want to eat it even I could find it that way.  So I skipped that step.  These were a hit in our house.  I think it would be really a good recipe with chicken too.  I may try that next time.  The potatoes were wonderful this way.  I did have to cook them about 20 minutes longer that Jamie said, but they turned out golden and delicious.  We had none left. The cucumber salad was OK.  I really don’t care for yogurt on vegetables, I really like the bite of vinegar. I prefer my cucumber salad with rice vinegar or wine vinegar dressing.  Otherwise, leave out the mint, and it was great!

Baked French Potatoes
So again, our invitation to you is to join us as we cook through Jamie’s Food Revolution and let us know what you think.  Each week we will post a meal plan for that week. Look through it and cook one or two with us and then comment on the post for that recipe and you will entered into our weekly giveaway for a free 1 year subscription to Plan to Eat.

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