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Perfect Roast Chicken

There are several recipes for tonight’s Jamie’s Food Revolution cook-along, but they all really go together.

This would be a great combination for a special family dinner or Sunday lunch!  I really love roast chicken, and this one is stellar!  We loved it.  I have never had parsnips before so I was a little hesitant, but they were really good.  Sort of like sweet carrots. Jamie gives the timing for all these recipes so that they will all finish at the same time and it worked for me.  I did increase the temperature on the chicken by 25 degrees, which I generally do because we cook at altitude. The gravy was really good and flavorful.  I do not have a fine strainer, so I used a food mill, which worked great.  I tried to double the applesauce recipe so we would have some left over, however it did not work out. Everyone loved it so much that there was nothing left!  So definitely give this one a try.  The whole meal was really wonderful.

Let us know what you think!  Cook any recipe from this weeks meal plan and leave a comment on any of the the posts for this weeks recipes before 8pm eastern Sunday, March 13 and you will be entered into our giveaway.  You could win a 1 year free subscription to Plan to Eat.  Get cooking and good luck!

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