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We are now on day 3 of our cook-along though Jamie’s Food Revolution.  On the menu tonight was:

  1. Mini Shell Pasta with a Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce, pg 52

I really liked the idea of this recipe!  It was quick to make. I didn’t have the “mini shells”, I just had the big ones, so it did take a little longer to cook the noodles.  I really like the bacon and the peas and the parmesan based cream sauce.  But, what is with the mint?  If you look through this cookbook much, you will find a lot of Jamie’s recipes call for fresh mint.  So I thought, “OK, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, you are the professional chef after all.”  But, I have to say, I think this dish would be really good WITHOUT the mint.  I really like mint in tea or chocolate or tooth paste, but smoky, bacon-y pasta?  Really?  My kiddo’s were not very big on it either, they didn’t eat much.  So I will try this one again, maybe with basil or oregano or nothing…and let you know.

Let us know what you think of the mint.  We are going to give one lucky chef who cooks one or more of the recipes from this weeks meal plan a free 1 year subscription to Plan to Eat.  On Sunday, we will randomly select one name from the comments throughout the week to win.  Get cooking!

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