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Classic Tomato Spaghetti

Tonight for our cook-along, our family tried:

What an improvement from last night! This was very good, very simple and very fast.  I really love fresh basil in pasta, it has such a wonderful flavor. This was a bit different than I have served spaghetti before. Jamie has you pre-mix the pasta with the sauce which really coats it all well and lets the noodles absorb some of the flavor from the sauce. This was a hit. I might add some sort of meat next time to give it more protein. Other than that it is a nice, basic recipe.

We are still loving the jam jar dressings. The Balsamic is very tasty, although the French is my favorite so far. I like how easy it is to get everything mixed together in the small jam jar. We are eating way more salad and that is a very good thing!

What did you think of this meal? Cook any recipe from this weeks meal plan and leave us a comment about it on the post for that recipe and you could win a 1 year subscription to Plan to Eat. Just cook and comment before 8 pm eastern on Sunday, March 20. Good luck and happy eating!

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