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Monthly Meal Planning

Today we launched one of the most requested features for Plan to Eat. You can now plan your meals using a Monthly Meal Planner.

New Monthly Meal Planner

There is a new “Meal Planner” page and your recipes are listed on the left side and the meal planner is on the right. To add recipes, drag them to any day on the planner. To add other items not in your Recipe Book just click on any calendar day to view that day’s detail. Once added, you can rearrange the recipes and other items (in blue) to any day or order in the day.

New Weekly Meal Planner

We also changed the way the weekly meal planner works. We have removed the “Add Recipes” buttons and the “Add other items…” fields to save valuable space. Now when you want to add recipes to the weekly meal planner, just drag them from your recipe book the planner. And if you want to add other items not in your recipe book, click on any day of the planner to bring up the detail for that day and input the other items (see picture above). It works like the monthly meal planner and we think it works better.

So head over to to login (or signup for a free trial) and try it out. We hope you like the changes and we welcome your feedback on the new monthly meal planner and the changes to the weekly meal planner.

So what’s next?

In the next week or so we will add the ability to filter your recipes on the meal planning page by keywords and tags. We’ll also distinguish the calendar days by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and allow you to add events for the day and order them just like the recipes. We also want to integrate with other calendar software so you can see your events on Plan to Eat, and see your recipes on your favorite calendar software.

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